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Default Nicole's BMW Motorsport artwork to download

Hey guys, I finally have some finished products to offer you!

Below is the link to my website where you can download desktop-sized images in high resolution (with various ratios). The images can be clicked and saved for free

There is also a link for the image that is sized to fit your mobile device. Click on it, save it and adjust to the screen size you need.

Link to artwork description and why I made it is here:

I only made the grids for the vertical image for now. If you want the horisontal images with the grid, I can make that, too.

Printed posters will be offered a little later when I optimize resolutions, find the right paper and the right company which can stay true to the colors. If you are interested in a poster, please let me know by commenting below so I would have an idea how many to order. Tentative pricing for the posters will likely be around $35 or so (depending on paper, printing quality, tube for shipping and shipping).

I also ask you to be mindful and have these for personal use only, I put quite a lot of effort into making this work and it would pain me to see this being sold somewhere without my knowledge.

It's been a FUN project and I hope you enjoyed following my "build" thread!

Here are the examples


My Motorsport artwork:
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