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Default Re: Adjusting Diff backlash

Originally Posted by voyager006 View Post
I'd leave it alone/keep it stock unless you know the design. Hypoid/helical bevel gearing is tough to predict contact pattern by any other means than physically checking it (paint the gear teeth, run them together, and do a visual). Tightening up the gear mesh without binding it I guess you'll be fine but I think for most of us that is tricky (mechanical +1). The gear mesh may have been designed to have optimum contact pattern with a given backlash so tightening it up could shift the contact to something less than stock/optimum (heel/toe contact reduces longevity).
That said, if longevity is not a concern, then shifting from stock should not be a worry.
Proper Ring gear/pinion gear backlash is CRITICAL to the gearset longevity! I wouldn't deviate from the factory specs. But I wouldn't hesitate to shim up some of the excess clearance in the spider gears.
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