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Default Re: Adjusting Diff backlash

Originally Posted by schoonerm3 View Post
Diff bush?
Pinion diff seal done?? Possible diff preload upset
CSB preloaded?
Possibility output shaft cv joints were damaged during refresh.
Rear diff bush bolts the old style
Was it new driveshaft? If not the cv joint on both could be weak
Yep, all of that refreshed and then some. Driveshaft was bought as refurbished tho. Not sure if installed incorrectly but my car clunks like a lot of m3’s I’ve driven (just much, much smoother). I can easily drive clunk free without even trying now and occasionally get it only on slow parking lot drives (before I can’t replicate a clunk even if I tried lol). So I assume install was all good.

My car initially and few other m3’s I’ve driven didn’t clunk tho, so I really don’t know which is “normal” or not. Either way I’m done spending $ on refreshing this damn car, just going to enjoy it now or buy “fun” mods.

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