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Default No connection to OBD scanner, but connects to BMW software? What gives?

Hey team, I'm in a bit of a dilemma and could use the collective brainpower of the forum.

I was prepping my car to be smogged and went to do a quick check via a CenTech scanner to do a readiness check and the scanner failed to connect to the car.

Here's what I've checked
- The car will successfully connect to BMW software via the laptop and even with my AIM Solo.
- The fuses for the OBD are intact.
- The previous owner supposedly has an RKTune applied to the car, however they are unable to confirm if it was indeed purchased or not (awful customer service, btw).

Is there anything else I should look into? I'm pretty close to just going to the dealership to flash this back to stock.

If it matters, the car does have SS stepped headers, euro oem cats, Karbonius intake, and the SAP has been removed. My understanding is that these were sorted out with the RKTune.


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