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Default Re: UUC T-drive rotors

Originally Posted by lmtfi View Post
UUC has burned a lot of people here. Thats why there are so many negative UUC threads. So I wouldn't hold out for a lot of positive endorsements.

What is wrong with using OEM blanks? I used them on track for quite some time.
+1 no for UUC here. Personal experience.

I use OEM rotors and PFC01's and love the setup
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Originally Posted by Why m3 View Post
Not everybody Is into tracking because you guys other to each of their own
Originally Posted by cowboyM3 View Post
Again, just like several of you have proved and myself: it's going to be nothing but a $hitshow until our science is to the height to which we can prove something's there and the time it gets there.

Until then, we must prevent these mistaken pregnancies in the first place
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