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Default RS-30 lithium battery

Anyone seen this? I can’t find any reviews on it but it weighs 11lbs and has an auto shut off feature when it gets low. Also has a self jump start button when it shuts off. Seems too good to be true.

RE-START TECHNOLOGY: The RS Battery has self-restarting capabilities. It intelligently monitors its status and if it senses over-discharge it will put itself into a sleep mode, yet saves enough energy to allow you to RE-START your vehicle. Simply press the RE-START button on battery.

LONGER LIFE: Up to twice the lifecycle of lead/acid, and other Lithium batteries due to full Battery Management system.

HIGH POWER: Up to 3X the Cranking Amps of similar sized lead/acid battery. Better Starting and higher voltage at start-up.

ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: Compared to a lead/acid battery the Lithium RS-30 is roughly 70% Lighter in most applications and can offer as much as an 80% weight reduction. This equates to roughly 25-60 lbs of instant weight-loss just by changing out the battery! To save this much weight in Carbon or Titanium parts would cost over $10,000 dollars. That makes the RS-30 the most cost-effective weight-loss product hands-down, while offering better starting, handling and braking! A real performance value!

ON/OFF FEATURE: The RS-30 can be turned On or Off for storage/transport purposes. During times of storage you can “turn off” the RS-30 to prevent over-discharge, then “awaken” it after months of storage to a full charge. Use the Sleep Mode as a Theft-Deterrent! Put the RS-30 into Sleep Mode during times of storage… with no power the car cannot be started or driven away.

CAPACITY INDICATOR: The RS-30 has an onboard Capacity Indicator (Fuel Gauge). This allows you to check the Battery’s “State of Charge”. Regardless if the RS-30 is ON or OFF you can check the remaining capacity of the battery.

LOW SELF-DISCHARGE: The RE-START Battery does not self-discharge like Lead/Acid Batteries.

DURABILITY: incredibly shock and vibration resistant, and no liquids inside to spill or drain out.

ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFER BATTERY: No Acid or Heavy Metals such as Lead, Cadmium, or Mercury.”

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