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Default Re: E36M3 Regression Analysis - Purchase Price Findings

Originally Posted by silntalrm View Post
So, according to this formula, the car I am looking at right now would be approximately $3800. 99 M3 coupe with 193k miles. Great condition but the guy is asking $7000. This seems somewhat steep for the mileage.
I'd say this is a good baseline, but remember that maintenance and overall car condition play a huge part in pricing. As these cars get older and cheaper, it will get harder and harder to find cleaner ones as people who are unable to maintain them properly and give them the care they need start buying them.

I think 7k is also steep given the mileage, but maintenance, mods (depending on which mods?), and overall condition of the car play a huge part. Just keep that in mind. I wouldn't hesitate paying $7k for a well maintained high mileage example over a $7k car with less miles that has much more issues and will end up costing you more in the long run.
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