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Default Re: Not your typical A/C (HVAC) question.

Originally Posted by M_Parallel View Post
The aux fan will not be on all the time. The aux fan is either triggered by the dual temp switch or the A/C's pressure switch.

If the compressor isn't running (as per you removed relay) and you temp's don't rise too high to trip the dual temp switch, with the AC being off, the pressure switch won't trip the AUX fan relays neither.

So nothing will happend, but a lit LED on the climate control display.
I don't know about that. It worked for me last night.

I removed the relay and started the engine. Then I turned on the AC (via the button in the HVAC controls) and was able to see both my fans turn on.

That being said, I didn't run it very long. Maybe 30 seconds or so. I'll have to try it longer tonight.
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