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Default Re: Almost traded my e36 M3 for an e39 M5

Originally Posted by W/// View Post
Interesting comparison, and very cool to see people sticking to their E36s. To be honest, I find it very refreshing as the car is the ugly step child of the M family, and usually the first on my list to be on the chopping block. But everytime I've driven it, I come back off the ledge.

As for the E39 M5, I still think it's right up there as one of the most BMW's ever designed. If I could only have 1 BMW, it would be up there on the list. However, I still think the E9x M3 suits my needs better and feels more special to me, while still easily being DD-able.
To be honest, E39 M5 and E92 M3 are very similar cars in a lot of areas. VERY.
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