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Default E36 M3 Race Car in SoCal 2800 lbs 420 hp S54, Moton, Brembo, etc

Well sorted e36 m3 race car with s54 engine and all the goodies.
Fast, easy to drive fast, easy to maintain, built for reliable track fun and w2w racing.

Some Highlights:
- s54 engine, reliable, Alpha N dyno tuned
- 4 channel e46m3 CSL ABS system
- CSL Steering Rack
- Custom Race Diff w cooler
- Custom designed s54 cooling system (Tires will melt before engine will heat soak)
- AiM Solo DL w all OE DME info
- Custom Overbuilt race cage
- 18x10 square capable
- Sonoma 1.46, Big Willow 1.28, Laguna 1.40, BW CW13 1.53

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