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Default Re: M Mechanic / Shop in OC?

Originally Posted by mwolff View Post
I'm in Long Beach and I've also been looking for a good shop to fix up my m3 I bought a few months ago. I have to admit I'm surprised you bring your m3 to Aliso Viejo, I've been indoctrinated to think that only specialty shops can work on our cars. Do you mind sharing what kind of jobs you've had Shane do?

I'm looking for someone with reasonable rates for replacing most of the bushings on my car. Diff, fcab, motor and trans mounts etc.

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For starters, Shane @ Aliso is a through-and-through car dude. He has owned two killer E36 M3s. He is a former BMW Dealer mechanic also. In addition, heís a purveyor of all things fast, which brings me to his supercharged AP1 S2000, which is wicked fast.

Shane has worked on my E46M for about 10 yrs or so. He has fixed near everything thatís gone haywire on my sled just about. For things outside of valve adjustments and rod bearings, he has done it. His level of OCD-ness is what I like about him. Just give him a call; he is a good dude.

Kaiv, another OCD mechanic, has worked on my car also. My VANOS overhaul, and valve timing adjustments were performed at his shop in SD. In a word, excellent.
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