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Exclamation Re: M Mechanic / Shop in OC?

Originally Posted by xojustin View Post
Coming in CLUTCH thank you!
No problem on info sharing. This has nothing to do with E46Ms and since you just moved to your new home, let’s face it, a dude’s got to eat so here is a short list of most excellent pizza places- hah!

1) Doria Haus of Pizza in Costa Mesa - Their “house” or combo pizza with extra sausage is killer.
2) Marri’s in Anaheim - They’re on Katella heading west, all the way past the most miserable place on earth (Disneyland). Same, house pizza, x-sausage (I think it’s called the Matterhorn...). Seems like the pizza is 2 inches high with all the toppings (an exaggeration, but you get the drift, hah)
3) New York’s Best Pizza in Aliso Viejo/Mission Viejo - His BBQ chicken (especially that) and vegetarian (the one using traditional tomato paste, not white sauce) are the fu%%in bomb. Sunil, the Owner, a cool dude; interesting story - he’s Indian, but moved to the US from Northern Europe. Anyways, once you chop into that BBQ chicken pizza, you can’t stop eating - seriously, hah.
4) Nothing to do with pizza bit if you just want to get a beer in a dive, and look at some hot-a## half naked waitresses, go to the Pump Room in the City of Orange. When you sit at the bar, there are mirrors behind the bar on the floor, angled up, so you can look at some a## when you drink, haaah.
5) Since we’re on he topic of a##, Fritz’s on Katella, East side of I5 fwy. So after you gorge at Marri’s, end it there with a lap dance.

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