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Default Re: M Mechanic / Shop in OC?

Originally Posted by Speed Monkey View Post
Man, youre surrounded by a whole bunch of shops.

First on the docket is a M3 Forum Member, and that is Kaiv. He has done everything from E36 M3 S54 swaps, SMG to manual conversions, and his latest was an S62 V8 swap into an E39 wagon. Thing is, hes in San Diego, but it is worth the drive. A super cool dude.

Here is the list of very good E46M mechanic near you...

2) EAS/European Auto Service in Anaheim. They have an in house dyno.
3) Lang Racing Development in Lake Forest. He fabs, sells a S54 stroker crank (or engine), etc.
4) Auto Talent in Gardena. Last time I was there, there were a Novitec Ferrari, a Lamborghini Diablo, other very eye catching stuff.
5) Shane @ Aliso Viejo Auto Service - He has done ALL the general maintenance work on my E46M. Very good dude.

If you need a killer alignment, see West End Alignment in Gardena. If you tell him you want an aggressive Auto-x alignment + corner weighting, be prepared man for a different driving experience. That dude is amazing; hes busy so call ahead first.
Coming in CLUTCH thank you!
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