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Default Re: Gained 2008 M5 - Lost 2006 M3

Originally Posted by Jferrante View Post
I went from E46 M3 to E60M5 - I liked the E60 very much; comfort and the sound of the V10 with muffler deletes is something hard to match. However as mentioned above you are lucky to get 10-12mpg. The running costs are obviously higher (i think it is almost 11 litres of oil etc. etc.) What worried me was the potentially faulty SMG and rod bearing failures as mine didnt have a warranty. I decided to move on and got a 996tt - now that car beats everything I have owned and will be in another (or 997tt) at some point in the near future.
My c63 got about 10mpg. That got old quick. Having to fill up every other day. Couldn't keep my foot out of it. 17gal tank
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