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Default Re: Is a 100,000 mile plus car a bad idea?

Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
On any car with 100,000 miles, I'd replace every bushing/bearing/ball joint on day 1. They're shot. The shocks, too, if they haven't been replaced (really, they should be coming up on their second replacement).

On any BMW, I'd replace the cooling system at 100,000 mile intervals, rebuild the fuel injectors, and replace the pre cat 02s.

And at some point in the future it'll need a fuel pump and throttle actuators, if they haven't already failed. If rod bearings haven't been replaced yet, probably should do them.

Beyond that, how nice the car is depends on how it was cared for by the PO.

I tracked my E46M until it had 170k miles and then sold it to a track buddy who turned it into a dedicated track car.

Cars last a really, really long time if you maintain them.

I wouldn't hesitate to add another M3 to my stable with 100k miles on it.
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