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Default Re: KhanArt's Jet Black///Cinnamon 6spd E46 M3 looong term journal

Originally Posted by Kwakjoe View Post
Same thing I'm thinking with the airbox. What kind of exhaust are you running? I'm completely stock so when I put it on I could hear a huge difference compared to before
I'm running a full exhaust headers to muffler.

Active headers
CPI RTX section one dual resonated
CPI Xtreme section two non resonated
Active gen 6 muffler

Yea I imagine on your stock car it was a big difference.

Originally Posted by TboneM3 View Post
I think the exhaust is taking a bit away from it. I also think that you'll "learn" how to drive the car a bit differently to invoke the induction noise on command. You'll start to notice where it's loudest in the powerband (4k-5k) and which gears (3rd/4th). It's also loudest (just like the CSL airbox) when under load and full throttle, but not WOT speed-wise. What I mean is it's not that loud if you accelerate as quickly as possible, but if you give it more throttle at lower speeds and more load, it'll get louder.

I was very happy with the Eventuri sound, but yes of course the full airbox is another ball game.
I agree, although I still feel I don't have a loud exhaust system it's loud enough to take a little away from the intake. I also agree that I need to drive the car more and learn the sweet spot. This is not like a Honda when you slap a intake on and hit a certain rpm and hallelujah [emoji38]hit:
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