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Default Coolant Flush DIY - Easy Method

Like many others, I have been searching for a comprehensive DIY that covers the coolant flush procedure required for the Inspection II service. Without a definitive DIY, I left this as my last item. Despite finding the various dead links in the forum and the considerable discussion over the difficulty of removing the lower radiator hose, I nonetheless moved forward, taking pictures along the way, in hopes of creating a single DIY for others to follow.

I am pleased to report that this procedure was much easier than I imagined and I believe I have found a way to perform a complete flush without removing the lower radiator hose.

EDIT: Thanks goes to Function7 for posting his pictures on another thread and providing some basic information that helped me get through this.

So here goes:

1. Place the car on jacks or ramps. (Search the forum for various methods on this)

2. Then remove the front splash shield. Mine had 6 bolts holding it on. Nothing difficult here. It just comes right out.

3.Up top, remove the 4 plastic retainers for the air inlet piping.

4. Use either dykes or a thin flat screwdriver to pull up on the center pin, then remove the entire retainer.

5.Here is the piece out with the 4 retainers:

6. Next remove the intermediate duct elbow. No screws or retainers here.

7. Just pull straight up

8. Now you can see the bleed valve on the upper radiator, more on that later:

9. Next, we need to remove the passenger side fan shroud. There are 2 retainers holding this piece in and they are slightly larger than the first 4 holding th air duct. The first one is dead center on top.

10. The second is down on the passenger side:

11. Once the 2 retainers are out, this piece pulls straight up. Note the tab on the bottom...when replacing this piece later, be sure to put that back in its correct holder (easy to see)

12. Now if you look down, you can easily see the lower coolant hose. An electrical connection is hooked to the top of the hose for the temp sending unit.

13. Pinch the metal wire and remove the connector.

GONE: 2005 IB ZCP,
NEW: 1997 M3 Sedan, Track Car

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