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Default Re: For all you torque wh0res

Originally Posted by ThrowinShapes View Post
If your going to go through the trouble for this, you may want to go in-lbs for values smaller that 16ft-lbs or so. For example, my 3/8in and 1/4in drive torque wrenches are 5-80ft-lbs and 20-200in-lbs ranges. Or maybe just list both ft-lb and in-lb below a certain torque. I know, crazy Americans
No problem. I was actually wondering when to give ft lb and in lb. You gave me the answer. Very helpful !
Originally Posted by SliM3 View Post
Oh this is NICE!! Thanks for sharing your detailed work
No problem
Originally Posted by Benfro89 View Post
Good job man I am definitely a torque *****!

We need to keep adding to this and make a complete copy.
Yes, it should be updated frequently. I'll continue working on it.
Originally Posted by mgwatson View Post
You're a good man! Thanks!!
Happy to make you happy
Originally Posted by mlee4984 View Post
Thanks for your hard work! We all appreciate it!
Most welcome
- Florian E46 M3 tightening torques PDF
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