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Default Idle hunting/ stalling while stopped(car warm)

So I have a problem and have been reading for a while without any clear answer.
2 days ago, my 2004 M3 stalled at a light after some idle dips. It did it 3 more times when stopped. It then did it the next day and today.

I did some research on the forum, but many people where having the issues while the car was cold, and some cleared up by the time the car was warm. Mine is when the car is fully warmed up

The idle will drop while the car is stopped at a light in neutral or 1st, or when coasting to the light in neutral. Sometimes, the car will catch itself, but sometimes it will stall.It will do it after it's fully warmed up.It wont always do it tho, it is very random. The car starts up fine after stalling and no CEL light comes on. I just cleaned the MAF with no improvements. I did notice the rubber seal from the intake to the maf tube(don't know the actual name) is dry rotted. Not sure if that could cause issues. I will replace regardless, but I'm trying to track down the actual problem now.
Any idea of what to do next?
thanks for any help you can give!
2004 BMW ///M3 E46
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