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Default Re: Vehicle Coatings Opticoat, Gyeon, C Quarts Finest

As others have mentioned the biggest factor besides price is who is doing the work. The bulk of the job is in the prep work, cleaning, decontamination and polishing. For the most part coatings are easy to apply, its wipe on wipe off. You just need to make sure you time the wipe off part correctly. Not enough time you might get poor coverage and too much time you will be chasing down high spots. (basically extra coating that looks like oil slicks on the paint) Coatings are great for making your car easier to clean, long lasting gloss, uv protection and protection against minor marring. Anyone that sells you a coating as an impenetrable shield is lying and I would not recommend using them. Coatings are wonderful products but there is a lot of BS marketing that has been going around for years. I've applied Cquartz and Cquartz UK to a bunch of cars over the last year. If you are going to DIY its a great product and Corey at CarPro is a great guy to deal with. It should last at least two years if its properly maintained. If you want one of the 3-5 year coatings expect to pay $1000+ I normally charge in the $500-$800 range for two year coatings.
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