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Default Re: P54B32 Airbox Oil Separator - Who has info on it?

Iíve used a catch can before on other motors. While Iím sure they reduce the amount of oil and stuff that gets into your intake components, it doesnít eliminate it. I think its a waste because you still have the line that goes to your oil pan. If anything, I would think that recycled oil would not be good since it contains condensation.

F1 engines purposely burn oil. The explanation is that there is a caloric value which results in more power. The cars also get lighter by burning oil throughout the race. While the ITBs get an oily film on them, I donít see why this is an issue unless it interferes with the butterflies opening and closing.

Then spending $200 on a catch can is insanity to me when all you are getting is a trumped up eBay unit that costs $25. But to each their own.

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