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Default Re: E36 M3 as first car??

IMO, only you know how mature you are, and only you know how you might drive the car. When I got my car, I told myself I wouldn't do anything stupid. But I ended up speeding excessively and, admittedly, did some other reckless things. Luckily I never got in a collision. I guess one good thing I did was that I never raced people. Always thought street racing was dumb.

My advice would be 1) get a PPI and 2) track the car. I never got a PPI when I got my car, and it ended up costing me (I see it as both a good and bad thing now. YMMV). I suggest taking the car to a track because I'm hoping it'll make you realize that street driving is boring, and as a result you just won't do sketchy stuff in public. Plus you'll learn both your and your car's limits.

Before tracking I would speed excessively and do stupid things like 100 MPH runs. Now all I do is up to 5 MPH over, occasional spirited acceleration up to speed limit, and maybe take turns/long sweepers at higher than normal speeds (but still within my and my car's limits). Everything else is boring, seems unsafe, and/or just not worth it to me. I'd rather spend my money on maintenance, not tickets. I'd rather not crash and potentially hurt others who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Although driving on twisty roads is fun, the desire to speed excessively and the high potential of crashing is just not worth it to me; did it once and won't ever again. The list goes on and on. If you're set on an M3, go for it, but I'm hoping you keep these in mind.

Just some advice from one young bro to another. Take it as you will.
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