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Default Re: E36 M3 as first car??

If an adult posts about the purchase of a car the board goes into every detail of the car, studies low resolution pictures to see if the panel gap is a mm off, demands service records, and the list goes on.

A kid posts about a car he is interested in at what seems like a fair to low price and he gets an enthusiastic yes or a no.

As for this thread - Kid, if you think you can handle the maintenance on a twenty year old German car, go for one. Maybe not this one. Find the right one and enjoy.

My kid gets her permit in a year, and I am looking for a manual, two door project. It may be an E36, E46, E82, Mustang, Celica, Cooper for something else that is around when the time comes. So, based on what I as a parent plan on doing, and what I did when I was younger than you (bought first car at 14, got license at 17 restored it during that time), follow your heart.
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