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Default Feeler: Group Buy Relicate Smooth Nappa IMOLA RED Leather

Preface: I am in the talks with Relicate to see if we can setup a GB for IR and LSB leather. If you're looking for cheap, this will not be the GB for you. We're looking to get leather that is close as possible from OE BMW smooth nappa leather in color, texture, feel. OCD people, rejoice! If you've been looking for accurate to factory leather for seats/dash/console/jacket/whatever, this will deliver.

Some information from the Famous Braymond141. I want to be transparent as possible and not mislead anyone in this GB.

Originally Posted by Braymond141 View Post
His leather is not indistinguishable from OE. He uses US cow hides that have a different texture, scars (barb wire in the US) and pores filled in than Euro hides. The color wasn't 100%, but even OE hides vary depending on production date. However, they are excellent from my samples. We've already been down this road before and canceled because we thought we had a true OE Euro source available. That never happened.
In responds to Braymond141 from Relicate

Hello everyone! Thank you for your interest in our Imola Red made-to-order leather. I've read through the entire post and wanted to point out a couple things. First, this leather will be made on raw material from South Germany, not US cowhide like was mentioned in a previous post. There are no barbed wire scars or brand marks.
Regarding Cinnamon, if somebody has a sample they want to send us, we would be happy to make a sample. We haven't done this color yet but it would be no problem.
Any other questions, feel free to ask. We're excited to be working with this forum on the group buy! Thank you all!
So far we're looking at do only IR and LSB leather. I'm hoping we can add Cinnamon into the mix as well, but that's not certain yet.

The price structure would be as follows:

1-4 hides = $775
5-19 hides: $699
20+ hides: $659

Shipping on 1-2 hides $30-$50 (Within the 48 States)

Shipping quotes to Cobra:
1 hide: $100
2 hides: $120
3 hides: $165
4 hides: $185

These prices do not include customs/duties/taxes. Cobra would be responsible for those and they would need to figure out how to get reimbursed.
Orders would be by the HIDE.

So, what do we think? Anyone interested? And, FWIW, if this happens, I'll be in for an IR 2 hides.

If interested, please list quantity you'd desire!
So, here's the list:

1. WALKD_U - 2 IR Hides
2005 AW/IR M3
BMB Stage 4
940whp/765wtq SAE Corrected

1996 BLU/BLK M3
NA Bolt-ons
235whp/225wtq SAE Corrected


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