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Well, considering that the OP said he has an '02, it might not be covered under warranty. Even with an extended warranty it might have expired. The mileage is certainly low enough..

Anhyway, I had a similar experience.. 2->3 shifts became "delayed". *Sometimes* when shifting from 2->3 it would take 4-5 seconds to engage the gear and the gear indicator (3) would flash on the dash during this time. I had zero power during this time, and was basically coasting. Eventually it became so bad it wouldn't even go INTO gear and then start skipping gears (2->5 instead of 2->3). BMW tried to pu$$y out of it by saying that my "mods" were the problem. A SA told me to my face that "my Dinan exhaust could be the problem and that I should take it back to whoever installed it. " When I questioned him on his logic on that, he told me that came straight from the BMW Field Service Engineer that "inspected" my car. Their diagnosis was that my transmission needed to be replaced, and that I could get my clutch done too -- but it would be all out of my pocket since BMW was going to VOID my warranty. Total cost: about 7k USD, parts and labor.

Long story short, I ended up taking it to arbitration and won. BMW had to fix my car at that point. Guess what? After taking it to another dealership they found the problem to be the SMG gear position sensor and some random other parts. That 7k job turned into something QUITE less expensive.

Here's my original thread...
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