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Default Re: 2017 SuperSprint Header Group-Buy Mega Thread

Just got the first half of my Supersprint order yesterday. Man these things are BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely astonishing looking at these welds, especially knowing that one of two people (Rudy or Alessio) hand welded these in Italy. I feel like I just received a sculpture.

Forgive the abundance of pictures, but I am so damn excited about these and figured some of you would appreciate some header porn.

The box mine arrived in was pretty beefy and well protected:

I didn't photograph all the bubble wrap, but once the bubble wrap was removed, both sets of headers were in really thick plastic shrink rap. No worries of them moving around banging into each other with this shrink wrap. Thick enough to need a knife to remove. Fingers wouldn't cut it (pun not intended).

Let the fun pictures begin. NSFW. JK.


So, now the question is....Do I install them as is and let them blue or do I spend more money and have a longer wait time by sending these in to be Swaintech to get 'White Lighting' ceramic coated!?? This is the question...Feel free to comment your opinion on this if you think its really worth it for a street car??

Once the rest of my order arrives, I will post plenty of pictures of those as well. Please feel free to post pictures yourselves.

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