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Default Re: Comprehensive MSS54/MSS54HP DME Information

Alrighty fella's more potential maps for you guys. I've started populating text files with the addresses, hex values, software version, etc. to help with the organization. I will revamp my whole "desk top reference" deal to only include this info. as it's found. Should cut down on the size of the final doc, as we really don't need to identify all 2000+ curves, maps, constants, and all that jazz.

BTW, I am using a galletto dump of euro software version 7837794 (ZB 7.837.793)

1) This is the map I believe p0lar found earlier on in the thread. It is the only 18x3 injection map I could identify in the .a2l, and the formula seems to work out right for AFR's.
NOTE: aq_rel basically refers to throttle position, but technically, it's the relative opening of the throttle and idle air motor together.

2) Awwwww yes, I believe this is the infamous Alpha-N map.


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- Checksum corrections for modified DME partial & full bin files

- CSL SMG Engine Parameters (DME) by Slim

- Fuel adaptations explained

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