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Default Re: m3freak86 2004 Carbon Black M3 Journal

Just the other day, I was going through my mod list of what I have had on the car, taken off, sold, put back on, etc. I realized how many different exhaust setups I have run over the past couple years. I am sure most of you know me as someone who is a sound fiend looking for that right note. Granted it was at my expense, I enjoyed going through everything that I went through. It gave me a great idea of what sound and any performance I could get out of each piece. Granted they were all different setups, I am pretty confident in my research that I have found the right combo for this car to achieve not only great gains, but a great sound. I figured I would compile a list of videos and feedback from each setup I have ran to have everything in one place for everyone and to show members the differences of each section and what it can do for the car.

1. Supersprint Race Muffler (Stock: headers, oem 1, oem 2)

- At the time, it sounded great to me. Way louder than stock, deeper, and had tons of volume. However, after I looked back on it and have heard others with only an SS race muffler, I realized it doesn't sound as good as I remembered. I believe the SS race muffler only sounds good when paired with other sections. Here is a comparison video I took from stock to the ss race muffler

2. Supersprint Race Muffler and Supersprint Resonated Section 2 (Stock: headers, oem 1)

- This setup sounded good, but took away a lot of rasp. Dulled things down a bit and increased the drone. I only ran this setup for about 3 months as I wanted something with a bit more rasp and volume. Now that I look back on it, I wish I still had the ss resonated piece to add to my current setup.

3. ///M3AN ONE Ceramic Coated Headers, OEM 1, Supersprint Non-Resonated Section 2, Supersprint Race Muffler

- This setup really opened my eyes on how great the e46 m3 can sound. Taking the cats out and adding some better flowing pipes really made the car scream and haul ass. VERY loud setup and droned a lot. Had TONS of rattles from the ///m3an one headers hitting the heat shield and cocked the entire exhaust to the passenger side due to poor alignment of the headers.

4. ///M3AN ONE Ceramic Coated Headers, OEM 1, Supersprint Non-Resonated Section 2, Dixis Titanium Muffler

- My favorite exhaust setup I've had. Very different and exotic sounding with the titanium muffler. After spending a decent amount of time with this setup, I realized the Dixis was a bit too tinny and howly sounding for me. Sounded better on the outside than it did on the inside. Absolutely beautiful muffler that was truely a work of art. I didn't even want to run a diffuser since it looked so awesome on the car. However, I was a little worried about having a titanium exhaust due to being in the Northeast. Salt and titanium do not mix. Also, if the muffler ever got damaged, I would be SOL finding a good titanium welder. Great sounding setup though. I miss it.

5. ///M3AN ONE Ceramic Coated Headers, OEM 1, OEM 2, Dixis Titanium Muffler

- Ended up taking off the SS non res section 2 and putting the oem 2 back on. I was experienced more drone and rattling still (ended up being headers) and tried to see if putting the OEM 2 back on would help with the drone and rattling. OEM 2 really brought my low end power back that I was missing from the SS sec 2's I ran. The power band was very smooth and graceful as opposed to the lagging low end and hard pulling top end of the ss sec 2 pieces.

Unfortunately, I do not have a video of this setup. I ran it only for a short while.

6. ///M3AN ONE Ceramic Coated Headers, OEM 1, OEM 2, Supersprint Race Muffler

- Very very loud and raspy setup. Bringing back the SS race muffler, the car sounded way more full and complete. Where the dixis lacked, the ss race picked up. Tons of volume, tons of tone, and a great deep note. Really enjoyed the setup. However, the poor ebay m3ean one headers were still rattle city and annoyed me every day.

7. Agency Power V2 Headers, Custom Performance 400 Cell/1 resonator section 1, OEM 2, Supersprint Race Muffler

- Great sounding setup. Finally, great fitting headers with no rattles and even great fitment. Experienced HUGE gains going from the eBay headers to a better collector style header. This setup had the right amount of rasp, no smell, and could be very loud when you wanted it. Very tame at normal driving speeds around town. Passed NJ emissions with flying colors. However, if I ever do cats again, I would go with the 200 cell and 2 resonators. The 400 cell cats are very large and I had some ground clearaence issues with them since they were so big. Scrapped them up on the lip of my garage entrance and cringed my teeth everytime I hit a big bump in the road going at speed. Also, due to the large cats, the section 1 gave me issues aligning up the other parts of my exhaust. It pulled the whole exhaust in a different direction and caused a massive headache for me on my next setup.

8. Agency Power V2 Headers, Custom Performance 400 Cell/1 resonator section 1, Status Gruppe Tuning Non Resonated Section 2, Supersprint Race Muffler

- Literally ran this setup for about 3 miles. Put it on and couldn't even drive the car. The combination of the poor fitting section 2 and catted section 1 caused the section 2 to hit the rear differential and made the whole car shake violently. Sounded awesome for the 10 minutes I had it on. However, it came RIGHT back off and back to the oem 2.

No videos of this setup.

9. Agency Power V2 Headers, Custom Performance Rasp Terminator Section 1, OEM 2, Supersprint Race Muffler, Evolve-R Tune.

- Last, my most current and FINAL setup. I wanted to go back to catless being that I was putting an evolve tune on the car. Also, because I missed the raw sound of catless. Having been through a few raspy setups, I knew I wanted to tone it down and keep it to a minimal level. Huge volume, great tone, deep sound, and sounds like the devil under WOT. The setup is actual VERY tame under normal driving circumstances. Not much drone, surprisingly, and very DD'able. I drive every, single day with this setup to work and has never once bothered me. Granted work is only 7 miles away, I can never get tired of it.

Hope this helped. Any questions at all, ask away.

To be continued...?
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