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Obioban Sun, Jul-27-2008 04:13:17 PM

Obioban's 2005 Imola Red M3 coupe (56K mass murder)
Going to edit what was the first post into the second post and make this first post a guide to some of my favorite projects and threads I've made on here.

Intravee thread-- The intravee is one of the greatest and least appreciated mods for the car. It enables all kinds of things you'd never be able to do without it, well in excess of simple iPod control. But, it's also the best option on the market for that!

Programable option thread-- all free, tailor the car as you want it. CSL features that didn't make it to production

e46 m3 tire sizing thread-- optimal wheel fitments and what tires you can fit on them. From a fuction > form perspective.

Castrol 10W-60 TWS-- all the back story and information I could gather.

e46 M3 maintenance thread-- everything about running the car as cheaply as possible in the long run, as well as keeping it driving like new.

My journal-- this thread :D

CSL SMG software-- faster shifts, better rev matching, CSL launch control

My stereo setup-- highly irregular-- focused on making the car lighter, improving the COG, and usable trunk space... while still making it sound better than stock HK :D

RG-63 pictures thread-- I'm particularly fond of these wheels as I got to choose the design, color options, sizes, offsets, and flange used for construction. The sizing is optimal for our car, they're super strong and very light! And, imho, they look great :D

Free/cheap mod thread

BMW fabric wire wrap tape found!

CSL cabin air filter housing-- 3 lbs lighter than stock

e46 automatic climate control-- guide to the most misunderstood and under appreciated system on our cars.

V1 remote display in instrument cluster-- I didn't make this thread, but people are always asking me about it and I added a bunch of pics to it :roll:

e46 suspension options compared

Results from evolve dyno tuning-- e46 M3, e39 M5, e60 M5, with video :D

Free bluetooth voice control

TFX retrofit review-- one of my favorite mods I've done to the car

Track car journal

e46 fuel efficiency-- by speed and techniques for improving yours.

M3 sales numbers by generation

Video DIY guides for e46 M3 suspension installs

SS stepped header review and ebay header regret

Proper rear view mirror aiming... which nobody does.

Different wheel/tire setups I've had over time

How to properly drive stick

Dirtiest car contest

Video I made of the last track event I did in the e46 :(

Obioban Sun, Jul-27-2008 04:18:24 PM

Editing this second post to be a semi up to date mod list. Hopefully I remember to tweak it as I change the car!

OEM ( Die Wethje) CSL Airbox
Evolve Ducting
Schrick 280/272 cams
TMS pullies
C&R Oil cooler, using stock lines
Dr VANOS cryo treated exhaust hub
Beisan systems lifetime VANOS sealing plate o-rings
Beisan systems lifetime VANOS solenoid
Beisan oil pump disk
Beisan VANOS rattle repair kit
Beisan VANOS seals
Beisan timing chain tensioner guide
TurboToy cam bolts
updated BMW high pressure vanos oil line
lifetime CPV o-ring

SS V1 stepped headers (swaintech coated)
SS HJS catted V1 Section 1
SS resonated section 2
SS Street muffler

Engine Management:
CSL Engine Management
MCCHIP-DKR Dyno tune(s)
OE CSL Map rail/sensor
Aux/clutched fan replaced with ecu controlled (using Z4M values) spal fan
SMG shift lights turned on
post cat 02s turned down but left on (ready)
secondary air pump sensor disabled
cold start sequence disabled
non sport throttle mapping
sport button disabled for future alternate use
sport mode memory enabled
EGT tweaked for HJS Cats
Top speed limiter removed
Dyno limiter removed
CSL warmup light values
MSSmapper enabled multiple engine maps, switchable on the fly as follows:
0: 87 octane map
1: 91 octane map
2: 93 octane with 7800 rpm rev limiter map (drifting map)
3: 93 octane 8200 rpm redline map (default map the car starts up in)
4: Map 3 but with small burble/pop
5: Map 3 but with medium burble/pop
6: Map 3 but with lots of burble/pop
7: Race fuel map

Ohlins R&T Coilovers
Custom front mounts to correct droop travel
Shorter, narrower, lighter (stock rate) Swift springs to allow 285 front tire fitment
GC street camber plates
ECS Poly isolated monoball RSMs
TMS sealed monoball FCABs
CSL Front sway/bushings/brackets
CSL Rear sway/bushings/brackets
TMS sealed adjustable sway bar end links
Sealed monoball RTABs
TMS rear adjustable camber arms

Brembo 355mm slotted rotor/4 piston GT Kit (BBK) front
Brembo 345mm slotted rotor/4 piston GT Kit (BBK) rear
Brembo stainless lines
Brembo high performance street pads
Performance Friction track pads
Motul RBF600

Streamline CSL bumper
Evolve CF roof
Vorsteiner CSL trunk
Fucy CSL diffuser
Gunmetal grills/gills
Depo smoked front corner lights
35% tint (3M)
vinyl M stripes on trunk badge (stock colors, less prone to fading)
modern BMW wheel center caps
shark fin removed
“OBIOBAN” vanity plate
OEM driver’s side keyhole cover (to deter thieves) sticker

RAC RG-63s in gunmetal (street)
RAC RS-110s (tracks)
TMS 75mm studs

TFX projectors
55w bulbs/ballasts/ignitors in 4300k
85w halogen highs, programmed to come on with the xenon highs
Outer brake light ring enabled for normal braking
Brake lights programmed to strobe under hard stops
e9X LED license plate lights

Imola Red Cobra Nogaros with BMW seat heater pads and adjustable lumbar
Brey Krause Cobra seat mounts for OE BMW e46 Sliders
Alcantara wrapped header liner
Alcantara wrapped pillars
Alcantara wrapped rear deck
custom two tone imola/alcantara steering wheel with imola centering stripe, M tri color stitching, and extra thickness
imola leather wrapped center console
imola leather wrapped arm rest
imola leather wrapped ebrake book
Z8 ebrake handle
M3 oval interior mirror retrofit

OEM Bluetooth
Alpine KCA 420i
64gb iPod touch (which syncs every time I pull into the garage) with nav integrated metadata
Alpine TU-550HD radio with nav integrated metadata
Modified BM53 for increased audio clarity
Alpine PXA-H100 audio processor controlled via intravee
Rear speakers removed for weight
front speakers replaced with light weight Polk 6501s 6.5” speakers
HK sub replaced with single JL stealthbox with light weight sub for decreased weight and mproved trunk space
HK amp replaced with RF PBR300x2 for decreased weight
trunk electronics moved to spare tire area for increased trunk space, decreased weight, and improved weight distribution.

TMS subframe reinforcement kit with extra reinforcements
BMW structural foam in subframe cavity
e46 updated rear floor
updated BMW diff mount bolts
RE rear upper control arm spring reinforcement plates
RE RSM reinforcement plates
BMW front strut tower reinforcement plates
RRT lifetime front wheel bearings

Brail GU1R lithium ion battery (8 lbs)
CSL Cabin air filter housing
Auto Solutions SSK
RE Transmission mounts
Hella Horns
Light weight stereo
CDV delete
VAG grocery bag hooks

Coding (non comprehensive highlights):
CSL oil level display (in cluster) enabled
M track mode enabled

Obioban Sun, Jul-27-2008 04:20:23 PM

This is kind of a large undertaking, as I'm just now catching up on this, after 3 years of owning the car. I'm going to skip over the smaller mods (keyhole covers, etc) and some of the DEs/meets to retain my sanity :roll:

Anyway, it begins with a performance center delivery pickup. Honestly, not as many pics as I'd like-- was too busy enjoying the experience :clueless:

At least I got to sit in a genuine BMW race prepped M3 while there :D

When I got home from the Performance Center, I had BBS RG-Rs, a V1, and aluminum pedals waiting to go in (all but the V1 since removed :roll:)

2nd day of ownership I took it to have clear bra installed (if anyone around PA needs that done, let me know- guy I used is great :))

Obioban Sun, Jul-27-2008 04:21:52 PM

And to round out the protection package, added a laser jammer

Obioban Sun, Jul-27-2008 04:24:02 PM

Next came a series of little mods: OEM grocery bag holder (awesome!), OEM eurotray, iceLink plus

... and I did an autox

Obioban Sun, Jul-27-2008 04:26:26 PM

Next up was the first big snow I drove through... visiting some friends up in Maine. It was great :D

Obioban Sun, Jul-27-2008 04:28:51 PM

Next up I made the brake lights brighter, updated the nav software, got an OBIOBAN vanity plate (because of this forum), and got a photoblocking plate cover (since removed... by the police :roll:)

Obioban Sun, Jul-27-2008 04:31:28 PM

Suspension time! TC Kline Double adjustable, 500lb front, 600lb rear, GC race sway, GC hybrid FCABs, PF RTABs, TMS subframe kit... most of it I didn't bother to take pictures of :roll:

Obioban Sun, Jul-27-2008 04:34:40 PM

Then I drove though a pretty epic snow storm. It was the worst storm in the recorded history of NYC, and I drove through it at its peak! I saw 9 crashes occur that drive, as well as countless cars spun off the road or stuck. Still, I see no reason that should stop a lowered M3 :shifty:

Sorry about pic quality, all taken with a moto razor which was all I had :(

Obioban Sun, Jul-27-2008 04:37:50 PM

Next up were some more big mods: CSL trunk and OEM video module (which I still haven't used for anything... just plugged the GNC into it to make sure it worked. I did get it for absurdly cheap, though, so... :roll:)

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