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Dr M3an M3 Sun, Dec-10-2017 11:04:38 PM

Brembo Caliper/AP Racing Style Disc Kit -- Group-Buy Interest Thread
I don't want to bombard you all with products....but I wanted to make everyone aware of 2 products that myself and Streamline have been working on being able to offer, both of which will be setup for Group-Buys. BBK and Cams/Piston. (For more info on the Cams/Pistons please click the hyperlink)

Details on what is included in this BBK package:
(This kit will include: DISCS/PADS/CALIPERS/BRAKE LINES and a 2 year warranty)

Calipers: Brembo 4 pot Forged Monoblock Calipers --Brand New (nothing second hand or refurbished)
  • Brake bias is kept to under 1% difference front to rear with just these fronts, so the kit is engineered specifically for the car!
  • We decided upon 4 piston (as opposed to 6 piston) because 6 piston is not needed for this car, has less pad selection, and adds more rotational mass to all 4 corners of the car.
  • The Calipers come from Brembo in their signature red color, but we will also offer the option of having them recolored by us to your color of choice
  • Right now we are only offering this kit for the front. We are working on a rear kit as well, which I will add to this post once available (which should be shortly). Again, these will also be 4 piston (front and rear pads will be easily interchangable -- so more brake pad life) and the brake bias will be kept to under 1% difference from stock. All new, nothing second hand or refurbished.
  • Of note, the e46 M3 355mm Brembo GT kit -- 4 piston (1B1.8015A) is a 2-piece caliper and not a true monoblock caliper like what is being offered in this kit. What this means is, in theory, our kit will offer less flex in the caliper under extreme conditions.

Discs and Bells: We make the bells and order the discs from a trusted UK Manufacturer (Hi-Spec). The bells are the same size and spec as AP RACING bells for the 356x28 discs, so an AP Racing disc can be purchased separately and mounted when our discs wear off --Basically, you are not tied to us for replacements. (you can get AP-racing replacements in the USA without dealing with European transport from us, ect. -- thats why we chose to do it this way.)
*We are still waiting on the drilled rotors to arrive. I will post pictures when we have them on hand.
  • Offered in either Slotted or Drilled
  • New replacement discs can be ordered directly from any AP Racing vendor or you can order replacement directly through us (but you are not locked into buying replacements from us.)
  • We chose to not use the thicker 32mm disc because of rotational mass. We came to the conclusion that 28mm is the best medium. 28mm means you can use a 4cil forged caliper, with a much lighter disc - lowering rotational mass.
  • The weight savings from the discs alone are around 2kg

Carrier: Custom Lightweight Aluminum Brackets

Brake Lines: Goodridge Braided SS Brake Lines included in package.

Pads: Pads can be ordered separately.
Right now we are offering both OEM Brembo pads and Mintex. We are working on offering more options for pad selection as well (I will update this as they become available)

Weight savings: close to ~4kg of weight saved per corner

All in all, this kit will offer exactly the same front piston area as on the AP RACING e46 KIT and the exact same disc diameter for a fraction of the price.

Retail Price will be $1509 USD for the full kit.
Group-Buy discount is looking to be 15% off this price (approx. $1282USD) We need a total of 15 Brembo Kit orders for the GB discount
This kit will have a 2-Year warranty on all parts.

Group-Buy List:
1. SQ13
2. whips333
3. 2006E46M3fan
4. Kyle90
5. Drlph25
6. Marioec
7. henryc
8. Yanksfan e46
9. Sashman123
10. Jchan112
11. Khan Art
12. Jared212
13. castaway
14. rkymtnrider
15. speedblind_az

If you have been considering upgrading your factory brakes and don't want the hassle of rebuilding them and expense of piecing together your own refurbished 996 Brembo caliper kit and having to source custom brackets for them to fit and you don't want to spend double the cost for the Brembo GT kit, then this might be the perfect all inclusive package kit for you.

Please let us know if this is something you all have interest in.


Updated pictures, as per post#541:

- Brembo 4 piston front calipers (40mm per piston)
- Mintex 1144 pads
- E92 discs
- Goodridge Premium Performance Brake Lines with carbon coating --> lifetime warranty on those too!
- Custom Brake Adaptor Brackets

Quick video of the Goodridge Premium Performance Brake Line unboxing:

Caliper Color Options:


Anyways, as I promised we will give a couple of color options for customization purposes. The respray will cost arround 100 USD for both calipers, оr 50 USD each.

One thing I want to mention is that our respray technique is not powder coating. This also serves as warning to the people who love to powder-coat their rims. Powdercoating an item like an Aluminium rim makes the structure a lot more brittle and it loses a lot of its properties. My rims were powder-coated before i bought them (look at my build thread if you want to know more) and they are nothing like the oem rim in terms of strength atm.

When it comes to STEEL items or huge chunks of metal like brake calipers, there isn't too big of a concern with powder-coating except for the finish quality. The quality of the finish just isn't too good. It looks rough. Even on the OEM calipers that is the case. We will redetail them the right way, spraying them with paint and using very high temp-resistant clear-coat on top either from Du-Pont or from Max-Mayer. If you chose to go a different route, that is perfectly fine - but please don't ask if we can powder-coat the item - that is not our specialty.

Now here are the colors we have chosen on offer for the item:

B05 - Monte Carlo Blue metallic. That is the OEM BMW Blue color used on the F80 series:

12G - Porsche Speed Yellow

2M8 - Porsche Acid Green

YR532M - SLS AMG / NISSAN GTR Copper-Bronze paint:

U94/2 - Fire Orange BMW color

293C - Nitrous Blue (a flatter, more gummy shade of blue, but a tad deeper than LSB)

Flat Black - we will also have either JET BLACK or any type of deep black on order for the people who want to be more low-key.

744 - Brillaint Silver (Red Logos Optional)


Many people have messaged me with multiple colors in mind. Some of them were colors from the M4 PCCB - Meridian Gold color. The color code for that paint has never been revealed. I know many of you will want a slightly different nuance of this/that or the other, and I get it - but we cannot offer that. These are the colors on offer, and I hope I hit most of your guys' wants and needs. I think we are offering more than any other manufacturer for brake calipers atm.


Some have asked - can we still order without the Disk. Answer to that is - YES ofcourse. We have the full kit on offer in Europe, but that doesn't mean it is the same for the USA. You guys are better off purchasing discs from your local dealers. So don't worry about that.

I will update with finalized everything tommorow or the day after, and I think we are ready to open the GB up! :) The kit is ready! :)

- Antony

terraphantm Sun, Dec-10-2017 11:11:54 PM

Re: Brembo Caliper/AP Racing Style Disc Kit -- Group-Buy Interest Thread
Definitely interested. Also curious to see what you come up with for the rear kit.

You mentioned you deliberately chose not to use the 32mm rotors. Would that be something I could upgrade to without getting new calipers?

XrumX Sun, Dec-10-2017 11:30:14 PM

Re: Brembo Caliper/AP Racing Style Disc Kit -- Group-Buy Interest Thread
Nicceee... I'm interested as well.

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bbside Sun, Dec-10-2017 11:34:18 PM

Re: Brembo Caliper/AP Racing Style Disc Kit -- Group-Buy Interest Thread

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SQ13 Sun, Dec-10-2017 11:44:04 PM

Re: Brembo Caliper/AP Racing Style Disc Kit -- Group-Buy Interest Thread
I’m in for a front kit. Do you know how much a repaint will cost? I would rather have a gray/silver or yellow caliper. Does the group buy price include shipping? I would also like to know what pad shapes (specifically PFC) will fit the calipers.

marioec Sun, Dec-10-2017 11:47:34 PM

Re: Brembo Caliper/AP Racing Style Disc Kit -- Group-Buy Interest Thread
Very interested what about a rear kit ?

smbz2789 Sun, Dec-10-2017 11:51:57 PM

Re: Brembo Caliper/AP Racing Style Disc Kit -- Group-Buy Interest Thread

scotty737 Mon, Dec-11-2017 12:16:50 AM

Re: Brembo Caliper/AP Racing Style Disc Kit -- Group-Buy Interest Thread

aaronpoweruser Mon, Dec-11-2017 12:25:27 AM

Re: Brembo Caliper/AP Racing Style Disc Kit -- Group-Buy Interest Thread
Stop taking all my money.

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Righteous Mon, Dec-11-2017 12:30:35 AM

Re: Brembo Caliper/AP Racing Style Disc Kit -- Group-Buy Interest Thread

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