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badgtho Sun, Mar-07-2010 10:17:20 PM

Wash, Drive, A Few Photos, no 56k
the weather in CT was pretty nice this weekend. after staring at Sergey's motor for most of saturday i decided it was time to give mine a quick wash, collinite and drive. after being inspired by Vitolo Nick and i split a bissell and i went to town. no pics of that, but man i like that little green!

i'm sure this will digress quickly into hatred of my suspension, my choice of tires, etc. i do take that as a compliment. if the biggest issue anyone sees is not enough drop and dislike for yokos/contis i'd say 2 things: 1, you guys are not to observant and 2, thanks!

i think i've said this before but what i am going for with this car is the E36 i would have died for when i got my license when they were brand new and only quality mods were available and a mostly stock appearance was appreciated. essentially i consider this car period correct.

oh well, i tried, a few pics from this afternoon:

badgtho Sun, Mar-07-2010 10:18:26 PM


badgtho Sun, Mar-07-2010 10:19:48 PM

change of venue:

for the stancedudes:

badgtho Sun, Mar-07-2010 10:20:25 PM

euro diesel fan.. i think i told a few of you i'd post a pic:

Cawhite78 Sun, Mar-07-2010 10:23:13 PM

Lookin' good Ben. I was so impressed in person..

badgtho Sun, Mar-07-2010 10:27:06 PM


Originally Posted by Cawhite78 (Post 4597508)
Lookin' good Ben. I was so impressed in person..

thanks man.. i really appreciate that... cars always look better in pics.

sorry i was preoccupied. next time we meet up we'll do something less time consuming than an M50 and race seats!

Roland H Sun, Mar-07-2010 10:30:36 PM


Every time you post pictures your car looks better. :D

fitchesbass Sun, Mar-07-2010 10:35:15 PM

Looks great - love the new wheels.

Lots of picture threads today!

BTW, my only quirk with is the Dinan badge.

tanayast Sun, Mar-07-2010 10:35:45 PM

Clean ride.

tanayast Sun, Mar-07-2010 10:36:19 PM

I love the wheels on this car!!

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