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slickfast Sun, Jul-19-2009 10:07:23 PM

DIY: Door Handle Trim Replacement
off to a better place.

ANT'S M3 Sun, Jul-19-2009 10:15:48 PM

great write up colin........ let calvin know so he can update the DIY sticky

PurduinaM3 Sun, Jul-19-2009 10:34:48 PM

Good DIY. Fortunately my body shop took care of all of this for me, but they do make a huge difference in the appearance.

Porschetech Sun, Jul-19-2009 10:38:29 PM

nice job col :thumbsup2:

esmcblurm3 Mon, Jul-20-2009 12:41:43 AM

Sweet DIY. Now I've gotta check my car next time I jump in and see if I need to replace them... :thumbsup

pauliannella Mon, Jul-20-2009 01:16:08 AM

thanks for the write up mate! mine are tired as, so I will order these and give it a go.

my only question is, why didnt you replace the tired black handles with some chrome ones off of ebay??? :thumbsup2:

JAnglz Mon, Jul-20-2009 01:16:56 AM

:thumbsup2: Great write-up. Nice job on the pics and explanation.

E39SD Mon, Jul-20-2009 01:35:22 AM

Nice write up. I thought you had to pull the panels to do this, but I guess you could see in the dark.

^calypso^ Mon, Jul-20-2009 05:58:34 AM

Thanks for the write up, will be doing this on the weekend. :)

Griffon252 Mon, Jul-20-2009 04:05:22 PM

Found these handle covers on rmeuropean for $13.54/ea, and $15.05/ea for the rear if you have a 4 door like me :halm: . Don't know how much your dealer charges, but if you order $65 or over parts from them you get free shipping. They sell oem for real cheap. Apparently also more you order faster shipping you can get for free. Sorry for the thread jack, but thought it might save people money.

Also, while im in here talkin about trim. For the rear window i need new trim, that something a window installer (Safelite, etc) would do?

Awesome writeup thanks, I def have to do this!

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