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WAKman Wed, Jun-21-2017 03:49:28 PM

New guy with new to me M3
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Hello all, long time lurker, new M3 owner here.

My search for an E92 M3 ended a couple weeks ago with my new to me 2008 E92, Interlagos Blue with Silver Novillo, DCT, Nav, 19-inch 220 wheels, high-end factory stereo--pretty much loaded. It had 77K miles, a clean carfax, and no obvious evidence of damage. The car had decent BMW service history, with most of its life with one owner. It had been sitting at a small local lot for about 2 months, and they had had a hard time selling it at $27K, later reduced to $26K. Unfortunately, it had no evidence that the rod bearings or TBAs had been replaced. It had the oh-so-special Nankang tires (brand new!) and a loud Remus exhaust. It passed the ppi with flying colors, other than one little thing: the shop said there were visible flecks of metal in the oil filter. The shop wanted $3600 to do the BE/ARP fix and add new motor mounts.

I negotiated with the dealer to sell it to me for $25.5K, with me to supply the parts and him to pick up the labor for the rod bearings, and take the Nankang tires off and put on new Michelin Pilot Sports, for which I contributed $500. (The dealership, Auto Connections Seattle, was very good to deal with btw.)

After a couple weeks of driving the thing, I'm really impressed. Though I've owned a couple BMWs, this is the first one that's really clicked completely since the 1974 2002 my wife and I took on our honeymoon. I'm a long-time Porsche guy, with my current ride being a pretty tweaked and track-nasty 2009 Cayman S. The M3 is, in a lot of great ways, almost the polar opposite of the Cayman. Where the Cayman, at 3000 lbs, is a ballet slipper, the M3 is a steel-toed Timberland. (Metaphors that were considered but dropped: The Cayman is a stiletto; the M3 is a broadsword. The Cayman is Venus Williams; the M3 is Serena.) The power comes in a big huge rush, all the way to the near-infinity redline. The chassis handles it just about perfectly, never becoming overwhelmed by the nuclear reactions going on under the hood. The DCT works great, and the paddles are beautiful. The thing even has launch control! And, while the Cayman 6-speed is relatively simple, the M3 is chock full of toys, like the multi programmable shocks, steering, throttle, shift firmness, etc., which make it endlessly entertaining.

After a couple of days with the car, I decided the Remus was just too loud for a daily driver. I found a stock exhaust for sale locally and installed it, and the car sounds great; just a bit more subtle, as befits a person of my, uh, senior status. The exhaust is for sale, btw. Drop me a PM.

This week I took the M3 on a business trip from Seattle to Eastern Washington, about 650 miles in two days and I got a real taste of what it could do. First, it's a luxo-mobile, in the best sense of that genre. Seats are great, stereo is good, suspension on comfort is nice. It gobbles up the miles. And, on those deserted desert roads across the mountains, it basted up to some pretty big speeds (I won't give a number, lest a special prosector be appointed.) It felt rock solid in all aspects.

There was a bit of excitement on the trip, though. During blasts up through the gears to redline, the car began trailing clouds of oil smoke. After a couple more blasts, done in the freaking middle of nowhere, the low oil light came on. I pulled over, dreading the worst--a scored block, broken piston ring, or both. But when I opened the hood to add oil (I had some of the 10/60 on hand), I discovered oil all over the engine, coming from the oil cap and evidently dripping onto the passenger side header. I added a quart and drove it more sedately, and it was fine, using no more oil on the trip. Upon my return I bought the new, better cap that doesn't leak, and it seems OK, but I want to see about polishing the mating surface for the cap on the valve cover. It's not a great design for a high rpm engine.

So far, I'm loving the car, and especially the engine. Here's a photo from glamorous Electric City, Washington.


Tove Wed, Jun-21-2017 04:15:23 PM

Re: New guy with new to me M3
Congrats on the purchase

Sephiroth Sun, Jul-16-2017 01:28:39 AM

Re: New guy with new to me M3
Thanks for the writeup! Enjoyed it!

You are far more brave than i could ever be. If i saw a PPI with metal in the oil filter i'd be running away. Keep us posted on the oil cap.

SRAM3 Wed, Nov-29-2017 03:33:40 PM

Re: New guy with new to me M3
Awesome write-up.

pbonsalb Wed, Nov-29-2017 04:26:06 PM

Re: New guy with new to me M3
Oil cap leaks are not uncommon with age. Buy a new one.

tony093 Thu, Nov-30-2017 04:06:02 PM

Re: New guy with new to me M3
U have a very nice looking car sir

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