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magas Fri, Jun-18-2004 05:06:17 PM

WT heck is the Final Stage Resistor (blower motor) on my 99 M3?!
Can someone please tell me exactly where the final stage resistor is on my 99m3, I believe it has gone bad and must be retarted because I cnt find it. I was told it is 4 wires above the gas pedal towards the center console.. alll I found there are 4 wires going through the firewall to the engine bay.

Please help.. this is driving me nuts.

Sirius Fri, Jun-18-2004 11:49:01 PM

Right above the gas pedal man. Its either blue, or silver. About 5 inches long or so, its a rectangle thing with spikes on it.

Tpb31 Sat, Jun-19-2004 12:07:01 AM

"its a rectangle thing with spikes on it."

Is that the technical description from the Bently manual? :haha:

Sirius Sat, Jun-19-2004 12:27:14 AM

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Unless I got a picture of it.. yes. :P

Edit pic: There might be a heatsheild that I am used to seeing on it. I remember spiky things.. lol. Look for something similar to these....

magas Sat, Jun-19-2004 04:46:58 PM


OMG.... this has been a nightmare. The final stage resistor looks nothing like the picts and description I have seen. It has 5 wires going to it and like Sirius said it goes right into the duct work and has has cooling spikes on it.
When my car was hit, the blower motor moved and BROKE the housing holding it, thats why it didnt work. I have the car it pieces now, and replaced the housing. The only way I could remove the blower motor was to remove the dash! And center console, loosen the ac vent and snug it out. If there is a better way please share. Now Im not sure if the final stage resistor is bad too, I cant retest the car till I put the battery back on, which I wont do with the seats disconected.
I have worked on many a car and BMW's are among the most challenging. But fun.

Hopefully I will have it running soon. Thanks for the help.
FYI: BMW has changed the part number to 64 116 929 54 0
Hope this helps someone else in the future.

Sirius Sat, Jun-19-2004 05:01:40 PM

At least you found the problem heh.

Now comes the hard part of replacing that motor.

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