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BMW F1 Fri, Dec-10-2004 12:14:02 AM

E90 / E92 / E93 M3 Rumour Mill
Well I am very happy to report that the covers have just been pulled off the engine compartment of the new E90 M3 now due in 2006. The new E90 M3 was caught testing around the world famous Nurburgring late last month with a big thumping V8 under its hood. The new configuration is rumored to output the Magical Figures of 300Kw or 402HP in the old money.

Sources also confirm that the M3 will stay as a RWD, speed limited to 250Km/h / 155MPH and driven thru the current M5's new 7 Speed SMGIII box and wait for it............. a totally reworked Six Speed Manual. Meaning the debate between the SMG Boys and the Manual Lads can and will continue for years to come.

The M3 with its V8 engine (size still unconfirmed) is rumored to hit the 60/100 mark in under 5 putting it firmly in the sites of the AMG and Porsche crowd. To add further stability to the car, the engine has now been set back further in the frame to provide the car with a mid engine feel effectively giving better over all weight distribution. There is also talk of tweaking certain parts of the new E90 M3 with 20 inch rims as standard, active steering, a meatier brake package and active roll stability which will work in well with DSC, TC & LC.

Sounds like BMW MSport have certainly answered the call that we had hoped, this is certainly the start of a massive future for the new E90 M3.

Trust me when I say............... there is more to come.

xdigitaldragonx Fri, Dec-10-2004 12:56:59 AM


hiros Fri, Dec-10-2004 01:13:56 AM

Sounds very exciting! I am just hoping the appearance will not be disappointing. The M5 is a great car but I am still not used to the look yet...

Truth Fri, Dec-10-2004 01:27:01 AM

Can't wait!

tommie88 Fri, Dec-10-2004 03:56:58 AM

very nice can't wait to see the actual e90 m3

Rob's Archive Fri, Dec-10-2004 04:02:09 AM

hmm...interesting considering the past thread on how the M3 was not going to have a v8

O-Ace Fri, Dec-10-2004 04:07:41 AM

If it looks as good as the e46, sign me up!


RagingLamb Fri, Dec-10-2004 04:34:52 AM

Not bad at all. Now let's hope it's not ugly.

Daver Fri, Dec-10-2004 05:07:57 AM


Originally Posted by Triflowm5+M3
hmm...interesting considering the past thread on how the M3 was not going to have a v8

My thoughts exactly. None of this is credible anymore until we see it.


mnb Fri, Dec-10-2004 07:43:20 AM

Where are you getting all this info from?

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