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Bug Thu, May-22-2008 04:05:54 PM

Gunmetal or Silver RG4's? Help with decision.
I'm buying RG4's for my '05 M3. :woohoo: No doubt about it (thanks Cleveland!! :thumbsup2:).

But for the life of me I can't decide between gunmetal or silver. They both look great!!

I've seen several cars on this site that look so good in either one... anyone have a tie-breaking piece of information that will help me decide which way to go?

Or does anyone have some clear, daylight pictures of a CB M3 with gunmetal RG4s? I've seen some beautiful night shots of that combo and seen plenty of CB/silver daytime shots.

BTW, my M3 is Carbon Black/Cinamon, 10% tint and I plan to put on a red Brembo BBK.

01CarbonBlkM3 Thu, May-22-2008 04:07:49 PM

I have carbon blk and i would go for the gun metal myself

Obioban Thu, May-22-2008 05:53:14 PM

On a carbon black car, I would get silver.

WillC310 Thu, May-22-2008 05:56:33 PM

With the dust that the stock brakes kick up, your silver wheels will naturally become gunmetal in no time.

Even with my Brembo and their pads (FM1000s) which put up waaaay less dust than stock, it still turns gunmetal after 2 weeks if I don't wash my car.

YseanY Thu, May-22-2008 06:03:56 PM


Originally Posted by Obioban (Post 3029943)
On a carbon black car, I would get silver.

i'd get silver too

tonggi Thu, May-22-2008 06:04:40 PM

+3 on silver

a_Y Thu, May-22-2008 06:26:15 PM

im not so sure about silver... but i think i may be biased...
even when the car is dirty, gun metal on cb still looks nice!

calvinf1 Thu, May-22-2008 06:30:38 PM

+4 on Silver

ROBINSON Thu, May-22-2008 07:26:05 PM

IMO.. Any time I am between these hard decisions.. I go for closest to OEM (silver).. It has never fail me.. Resale value and own satisfaction.. If Gun metal is added to an M other core performance mods are a must...
my :twocents: centavos...

trebm3 Thu, May-22-2008 07:30:28 PM

just depends if you want to be unique and have what only a few people have or if you want to be like everybody else.

+1 on gunmetal.

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