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PITT M3 RR Fri, Jul-14-2017 03:03:27 AM

Re: Weighted Alignment

This will seriously ease the process.

Kdubski Fri, Jul-14-2017 03:17:45 AM

Re: Weighted Alignment
This is awesome, never thought I could diy an alignment. Cannot wait to get out of work tomorrow to tear into this project. Building blocks and the steering wheel tool. Will align for daily driving, may be slightly sporty, but will surely be setting an autocross alignment in a few weeks.

Thank you everyone for your input, it's going a long way. Will post my progress this weekend

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PITT M3 RR Fri, Jul-14-2017 04:22:29 AM

Re: Weighted Alignment
Use fishing line for extreme accuracy.

Kdubski Fri, Jul-14-2017 03:22:08 PM

Re: Weighted Alignment
As for the measuring goes, can I use any other than a measuring tape? I saw a tutorial using a "digital caliper" but can't find it now to save my life.

It used something like this:

Kcalhoun27 Fri, Jul-14-2017 03:30:21 PM

Re: Weighted Alignment
I saw a video where a guy used a ruler. My only thought after reading and researching is making sure you use something that you can be sure is squared to the line. Though, i suppose half a millimeter is probably only a measurement that a race car would need.
Any thoughts on this? At what point does a bees dick of difference matter for good measurement?

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PITT M3 RR Fri, Jul-14-2017 04:57:06 PM

Re: Weighted Alignment
I use a ruler, just use the same one for everything you do.

Kdubski Sun, Jul-16-2017 10:46:47 PM

Re: Weighted Alignment
Spent the day building the wooden stands to PITT M3 RR's spec. Time came to do the alignment, I couldn't easily get the car on the stands. The tires sag too much. I used another jack to lift the individual suspension components enough to slide the wood under, but by the time I finished I was exhausted.

Will try again this week/weekend on proper slip plates(borrowed from friend) on the ground.

Not giving up!

PITT M3 RR Mon, Jul-17-2017 03:54:21 PM

Re: Weighted Alignment
Yea should have mentioned. Lift car onto 2x10s, then get it onto stands, then put a 2x6 square on the jack and raise it the last bit. Take about 15 min to set up.

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