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kZo Sat, Dec-04-2010 02:38:46 AM

Washer bay grille/grate
Hey, I have a 2002 e46 and I am in need of a replacement part for the grille/grate/vent cover on the hood. Its where the washer fluid comes through. I found painted ones on but would like to find a factory or custom (laster etched) replacement. Anyone know where you can get one??

wilsel Sat, Dec-04-2010 03:24:00 AM

kZo Wed, Dec-08-2010 03:16:56 PM

Maybe I was checking in the wrong place but it looks like this only sells the 3 series grill and not the m3 series. May just need to get the one from brimmer.

daytonaviolet Wed, Dec-08-2010 04:06:40 PM

14 GRILLE,AIR INLET M3 1 51132694723

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