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cblock Mon, Jun-08-2015 07:55:15 PM

Back with a Tech
[SIZE="4"]Hi Everyone,

I've been without an M3 since 2011 :thumbsdown: and am happy to report I'm back in the game! I have a pretty good build going on with my 328i and was not looking to buy another BMW.

Saturday afternoon my Dad calls me and tells me there is a really clean M3 for sale a couple blocks away from his house and gives me the number to call. Turns out it is a one owner car with 71K, Techno on Schwarz m3/4/A. They brought it from California to Montana 4 years ago and have only put 4k miles on it since then because the guy's wife quit driving for medical reasons.

Only pic I've seen so far...

So I had my Dad go over to look the car over and I ended up buying another sedan. :thumbsup2: I'm kinda glad this is an auto as it went over much smoother with the wifey and I need a new daily. I'm going to be selling my 91 Prelude lol and making this my new driver.

Immediate plans are for cooling system rebuild, flush fluids, glass headlights, RSM's, power steering hoses, detail, and new wheels. I'm sure I will run into other things along the way, then I'll move onto the suspension.

Really looking forward to flying to MT to pick the car up and driving back to WA!

Here are a couple pics of the 328i...

westopher Mon, Jun-08-2015 07:58:11 PM

Re: Back with a Tech
Love your 328. Swap over all the fun parts from that+the tranny. 328i now daily. M3 weekend car. Success!

cblock Mon, Jun-08-2015 08:23:25 PM

Re: Back with a Tech
Thanks! That thought crossed my mind but I'd feel like I was bastardizing the M3 probably lol Are you going to Leavenworth? I'd love to see your car, been drooling over it for a long time now.

westopher Mon, Jun-08-2015 08:32:23 PM

Re: Back with a Tech
Unfortunately timing doesn't work for me. I'll be working that weekend. Where in the PNW are you?

cblock Mon, Jun-08-2015 08:45:29 PM

Re: Back with a Tech
Bummer, I'm in Bellevue. Eventually I'm sure our paths will cross at some point. I'm kind of excited I can bring a car to M Car days in Tacoma, I felt really excluded last year :)

cblock Tue, Jun-09-2015 09:01:33 PM

Re: Back with a Tech
My Dad picked the car up last night and snapped a couple pics for me. I won't be able to go get the car until the middle of July, but that's okay since I currently have about $1,100 in my cart right now with ECS so I hope to have a bunch of maintenance stuff ready to go as soon as I get it home.

Chrome Wheels are pretty terrible, I have some other wheels to throw on in the meantime before I find some factory finish DSII's or something.

Black Interior!

cblock Thu, Jun-18-2015 06:41:55 PM

Re: Back with a Tech
No real update since I still haven't picked up the car yet, but my Dad was nice enough to strip the tint out and he took it to his PDR buddy last night and had him go over the whole car. He also gave it its first oil change since 2011, 2k miles ago :eek2

I would say this is the best pic I've gotten to see so far.

Rguy Thu, Jun-18-2015 07:18:23 PM

Re: Back with a Tech
nice find! Can I inquire as to what you paid?

For some reason, I dont hate the wheels...Sell em cheap to me :P

egebhardt Thu, Jun-18-2015 08:05:22 PM

Re: Back with a Tech
Nice find! Where in Montana? My folks are in BozeAngeles. My dad will never leave Montana.

Also, those wheels look free of pits and corrosion. I sold some chrome DS2s a few years ago. The were pitted and curbed with BALD tires.
They sold in 2 hours for $300. I was shocked. I would bet yours are worth more than $700.

Furthermore, you're gunna love that automatic. I've got a 96 5-speed and a 98 automatic. An automatic is nice as a 2nd car.
Here's my thread on draining and filling that tranny. A full flush is too tramatic.

cblock Thu, Jun-18-2015 08:16:37 PM

Re: Back with a Tech
My folks are in Great Falls, they will never leave either. How about yours?

And thanks for documenting your work on the transmission, I will definitely use it as a reference! This is the 3rd M3 for me and first auto, I've never even driven one so I'm pretty excited to drive something a bit different!

That is crazy about the DSII's...from what my Dad has told me they are in great shape, save for one which has a little bit of peeling starting.

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