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///MIAM3 Fri, Apr-18-2008 04:45:55 AM

Post your custom license plates !
Mine is going to be 1SICKM3

playskool1 Fri, Apr-18-2008 05:01:23 AM

mine is in my sig, "E46 BOS"

i bought the car with the plate like that. it looks like im trying to say im the boss but the guy who i bought the car from was from BOSton. im getting my new custom license plate 8-12 weeks. its going to say "XCUZE M3" now im just waiting. :)

xPhantom Fri, Apr-18-2008 05:02:28 AM

FCars4Ever Fri, Apr-18-2008 06:32:26 AM

Smurf U :D

C M3 FLY Fri, Apr-18-2008 06:36:30 AM

Was getting C M3 FLY, but can't have numbers and letters mixed together in my state unless the numbers are at the end. :chair:

bomis Fri, Apr-18-2008 07:27:06 AM

M Azing

24601 Fri, Apr-18-2008 07:30:58 AM

image taken by kelevra on nceuro.
either you get it or you have no clue what the heck it means....i guess.....

Zachb12 Fri, Apr-18-2008 07:49:06 AM


Zachb12 Fri, Apr-18-2008 07:50:53 AM

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here is a pic]
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2euro Fri, Apr-18-2008 08:40:22 AM

Here's mine...

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