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Chucky Thu, Dec-07-2017 10:26:33 PM

Bumper opinion
I had a little issue recently and I need a new bumper. I decided to try this one

Its polyurethane and when it arrived the corner was kinda flatened instead of sharp. It'll cause a goofy notch in the wheel well lines. The manufacturer has suggested using this

What do you guys think? Are the urethane bumpers worth it? Should I try to repair this one or just force the issue and send it back?

4130 Fri, Dec-08-2017 03:08:13 AM

Re: Bumper opinion
In my opinion, you paid for a bumper and received something with an issue. It's not an insignificant amount of money and it should be to your satisfaction upon arrival. That said, you didn't post a photo of the piece nor do I know your skill level to repair it. I say ask them to exchange it. It's kind of lame they didn't suggest that to begin with.

Chucky Fri, Dec-08-2017 11:32:09 AM

Re: Bumper opinion
lol, apparently this is the last one in the country. I ordered from two different sites and they cancelled the orders. And these guys say this is the last one on the shelf and they will not be getting anymore.

So if anyone else wanted a polyurethane 1M look bumper, you are officially SOL.

hyenacousin7 Wed, Feb-07-2018 08:28:14 AM

Re: Bumper opinion
So did it work out? As I was looking at the same glue but on e-bay (it appears cheaper) to fix my wife's polyurethane mud flap. Has it really worked out for you?

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