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stalker-vishnu Sat, Feb-03-2018 09:33:24 AM

E30 swap S65B40
Hi Guys!
may i ask to discuss at this forum replacement of the S65B40 engine to e30 body?

Generally i've already done it, but faced with a number of problems
First: it rpm limit 4500
second is missing DSC

if anyone knows
that concretely still needs a motor for full functioning?

p.s. sorry for my bad english, i am from ukraine.

stalker-vishnu Sat, Jun-30-2018 06:23:27 PM

Re: E30 swap S65B40
If someone met this problem pls let me know what is that??

connect battery, before first start:
I am using BMWlogger to fast check errors:
DSC error
on the instrument panel icon half-engine (reduce power) mode
after starting engine! another picture hmm

rpm limit 4500 (red zone)
try to push pedal to 100%
but rpm limited about 3500-4000 rpm

turn off engine clear errors clear adapts by BMW logger
ok check again :

got DSC only........ start engine

idle rpm ok
try to rise rpm with the pedal (rpm limit on board 5500)
but in fact a can't reach 4000 rpm , something does not allow me to do it

ok check errors:

wtf !!?

272D lambda heater ?

2786 it's about pressure sensor,_P0193

but pressure sensor installed and did not make mistakes before

ok , stops engine....
start again:

then stops

of all these actions, I understand that some errors occur during engine run and also disappear when it stops

Ie some errors I could not diagnose in INPA because did not detect while tap throttle pedal

and if you carefully look at the screenshots you will see that
of the throttle do not open with the gas pedal pressed

DKPB1 and DKBP2 always zero while pedal angle changin according to the pedal pressed

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