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ninpo4me Thu, Aug-27-2015 06:02:53 AM

M badge placement
Hey Guys,

Is there a detailed write up on exactly where to install the trunk badge on a E30 M3? I have searched and found only write ups on new models. Thank you!

spdracrm3 Wed, Sep-09-2015 12:58:13 AM

Re: M badge placement

factory manual page

Erwin_Rommel Sun, Sep-20-2015 03:18:10 AM

Re: M badge placement
just for fun,
I used to have 540i, and just to play dumb I put a "518" badge on it.... to play it dumb..
Put "316" on in and let everyone believe it`s a lame-ass 1.6 version, lol... ir 324d
On a serious note, you could probably take a good picture of ///M3 and figure out measurements from there, cheers

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