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RT Cockburn Thu, Nov-19-2009 03:57:19 AM

Hood Cowl / Windshield Wiper Cover DIY - Coupe

I figured I would document the process of replacing the hood cowl cover on my coupe. Mine was very badly deteriorated from the car spending most of its life in the south. I searched and there was a DIY for a sedan and the DIY previously made for the coupe was no longer valid. It's not a hard project but I figured someone would hopefully find value in this. Also, sorry for the dirty engine.

Parts (from RMEuropean - I highly recommended this vendor):
-Hood Cowl Cover
-4 white plastic clips
-4 black grommets that the white clips insert into

-13mm socket
-Flat blade screwdriver
-Torque wrench (for tightening the wiper arms)
-T30 Torx bit
-A friend (explained later)

Pop the hood and pry off the caps on the windshield wiper arms. There is a 13mm nut/washer holding down both wiper arms. Remove each nut.

This step might differ for people. I read that some were able to simply fandangle the wiper arm off. Mine were on very tight so I snapped my driver's side wiper arm trying to pull it off :chair: New wiper arm was $33 through Tischer. Luckily it didn't rain for the several days that I was wiper-less.

I got this at advance auto. Some stores might have a loaner tool but it was only $12. It made the removal of the arms much easier. A bolt puller would probably work as well.

With the wiper arms removed, remove the indicated plastic fasteners (6 of them). Also, peel off the rubber insulation strip running between the motor and the hood cowl.

RT Cockburn Thu, Nov-19-2009 03:58:04 AM

Next, I put the hood into the service position. I read that some people have done it without doing this, but it only takes a moment and will save you some hassle. To put the hood into service position, remove the torx screw (T30) from the hood hinge. I didn't prop the hood up perpendicular, but rather up and toward the front of the car.

With the torx screw removed from both sides, the hood will slide toward up and towards the front of the car. Without putting the hood into service position, the corners of the hood will impede the removal/installation of the ends of the hood cowl. It kind of pins the plastic into position. A friend is very helpful for this step but you could also prop the hood up if you're lonely. I didn't remove the ground wire per Bentley's instructions.

The cowl should just pop out by gently pulling on it. It is held in with four clips as shown on the back of my new cowl.

I took the time to clean and wax :facepalm: the area.

Also, I sprayed the highlighted area with trim paint as it was severely faded...probably not necessary but it makes me feel good.

Install the new plastic clips onto the new cowl and grommets into the holes on the car. Just generally position the cowl and work one corner at a time. After the corners are in, just pop the clips into their respective holes. Re-align the hood hinges and screw in the torx screws.

Install the plastic fasteners. Position the rubber insulation. Torque the wiper arms to 18 ft-lbs.


As you can tell, the old one was in pretty bad shape

OahuMPower Thu, Nov-19-2009 06:58:18 AM


will add to DIY/FAQ thread... :thumbsup2:

JetBlackE46 Thu, Nov-19-2009 03:50:02 PM

Very helpful - thanks!

Isis M Thu, Nov-19-2009 06:36:20 PM

nice write-up, i'd recommend replacing the ground strap, mine looked like that (cracked through the sheath in multiple places)

^calypso^ Thu, Nov-19-2009 06:37:06 PM

Thanks for the diy, mine is started to crack on the side.

bkearney Sun, Sep-26-2010 04:18:50 AM

im having trouble finding this on the parts websites. can someone provide the part numbers for the cowl, and the grommets?

CMG Sun, Sep-26-2010 04:30:42 AM

Arms should come off no problem with some back and forth pulling motion. And if you want you can mark them to make sure they go back in the right place, but that's not required. Easiest to have someone hold the hood for a second while you pull and replace the piece, just to prevent ant possible accidents doing it one man.

Sammyzuko Sun, Sep-26-2010 07:16:13 AM


Originally Posted by bkearney (Post 4958908)
im having trouble finding this on the parts websites. can someone provide the part numbers for the cowl, and the grommets?

Coupe Cowl: 51-71-1-977-677-M9
Grommets: 51 13 8 124 389 and 51 71 8 108 613

cscat87 Wed, Jun-20-2012 10:23:11 PM

Re: Hood Cowl / Windshield Wiper Cover DIY - Coupe
Super old thread, but thanks for the write-up. It made the car look so much newer, and for the price, why not. My dealer had the cowl and all the hardware in stock.

New one installed:

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