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stairmast0r Wed, Apr-12-2017 04:12:03 PM

Cheap alignment shops in north Jersey?
Hey guys,

I got my '99 M3 recently, but it was tramlining on the highway and felt pretty sketchy. Tried to adjust the front toe myself just to see if it would make a difference, but let's just say it didn't make it any better, lol.

So far, the best quote I got from an indy shop was $109 for a 4-wheel alignment. Are there any better prices around here, or places with coupons available? I'd rather not go too far as this thing feels pretty unsafe to drive right now. Zip is 07026.

Oh, and for what it's worth the car is lowered a bit on coilovers. One place suggested doing a corner balance as well, but I'm really tight on cash at the moment.


fiveightandten Wed, Apr-12-2017 10:19:34 PM

Re: Cheap alignment shops in north Jersey?
I'd recommend a good alignment, rather than a cheap one. Otherwise you could very well negate any savings in tire wear, and/or having to do it twice.

If the car can be corner balanced, then you have coilovers. With an adjustable setup like that, you want someone good who knows what they're doing. $109 is a competitive rate for this.

You can call Levant at Guten parts and see who they recommend. I don't believe they have a rack, otherwise I'd recommend them.

Jferrante Thu, Apr-13-2017 01:18:22 AM

Re: Cheap alignment shops in north Jersey?
if $109 alignment is a lot - sell the car

ahartwell94 Thu, Apr-13-2017 02:37:06 AM

Re: Cheap alignment shops in north Jersey?
I had mine done for $95 in Orange NJ, good shop thats been around for 40 years. Was able to make an appointment and watch them do it.

Bimma360 Fri, Apr-14-2017 04:15:22 PM

Re: Cheap alignment shops in north Jersey?
I have never had good experience with any of my local alignment shops around here. I have eaten through front tires prematurely, had the car pull, vibration, etc.. Fact of the matter is this. Alignment shops hate BMWs. They are time consuming to do, and can take upwards of 2 hours to do properly. When you pay $80-100 to get your car aligned, the tech doesn't do very well unless they get your car done quickly. The end result is a car that pulls, vibrates, and chews through your tires. For me I just wanted to get my car done right, so I ended up taking it to the dealer and spent $200. Another good BMW specialist near me charges $185 (actually more for coilovers), and another I have never actually used charges $280.

If the shop can actually align your car properly for $109, that is a great bargain. If it were me though I wouldn't bet on it.

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