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infiniti2424 Wed, Feb-10-2010 05:22:18 AM

HID Projector Headlight Retrofit
Hi just wanted to post the headlights I made my dad for Xmas this year:thumbsup2:


just wanted to show it can be done without much modification and you get a great light output:thumbsup2:

ThipN Wed, Feb-24-2010 04:12:28 AM

How did you do that?

TPowerdinNY Fri, Feb-26-2010 06:33:10 PM

this looks like the X5 mod someone did. i'd love to hear more info, came out very clean and OEM-like

infiniti2424 Sun, Feb-28-2010 06:54:56 AM

I saw that mod but I didn't like how the projectors stuck out of the headlamps in the back. So this uses a lexus turn by turn projector out of a GS 2009

and infiniti g35 ballast with oem 4300K bulbs

Thnx guys my dad likes it he can see a lot better now at night also the cut off looks good makes the car seem newer:thumbsup2:

also way better then the ebay rye sir ones

infiniti2424 Thu, Nov-11-2010 07:59:27 AM

If any one wants this mod if you buy the parts and ship them to me I can retrofit them for you.

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