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egebhardt Thu, Apr-27-2017 04:10:39 PM

The Byzanz Sedan That Needs Some Love
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After 5 years of watching a handful of Byzanz Sedans pop-up on Craigslist, I finally pulled the trigger. It's not the kind of color I could relax about because I've only seen 5 for sale in the last 5 years. I don't know if you call it rare but there are only 88 total in the US (51 auto, 37 5spd). There might only be 20 left after 20 years. Additionally, they are usually un-loved, far from home, and the paint is bad. I've had the most desirable cars (5spd Estoril Sedans and Coupes) but I've never had the least desirable. A Byzanz Sedan on Magma with an Automatic transmission in Lux form has got to be the bottom. At least I think so and that's why I was looking for one.

I saw this particular CList posting 2 hours after it was posted but Russ was asking $5,000. I thought about going to see it 2 weeks later but I my realistic offer would have probably been an insult (you never know). On the 28th day, the price dropped significantly because Russ took delivery of a new white BMW X1. I emailed Russ at 5am and then called at 7am (because he responded). I made arrangements and got to his place at 4pm. The car was smogged and I handed him the cash after going for a 2-mile drive. Slam Bam!

About the WBSCD0329VEE11174
Clean title
I am the 3rd owner
166,000 miles
Perfect smog history
Rust free California car
No modifications
No CEL. No ABS light
Lux version
Automatic transmission
BMW and Dinan records
The paint is fading and clear is peeling
The Magma leather is torn
Headliner falling
Several small leaks
Suspension, tires, brakes, bushings - shot

Because this car cost so little, it needs work. I could spend 20-grand fixing things but it may never be worth very much. The plan is fix all the problems: leaks, replace fluids, filters, gaskets, RTABs, LCABs and RSMs. I won't do much cosmetically for now. A good paint-job costs thousands and Magma leather is hard to find so I'm going to make the engine and drivetrain solid first.

On to the work! I put in my first order to RMeuropean at 5am this morning. That will take a few days. I have some parts and filters and fluids in stock so I'll get started there. Compiling the thick stack of records into a spreadsheet will give me focus. Lastly, I named the car 'Danny' after my father.

M_Parallel Thu, Apr-27-2017 04:17:55 PM

Re: The Byzanz Sedan That Needs Some Love

Now the pics.

spaghettiM3 Thu, Apr-27-2017 04:37:09 PM

Re: The Byzanz Sedan That Needs Some Love
That color is great and the body looks clean from the pic!


MMMGP Thu, Apr-27-2017 04:59:01 PM

Re: The Byzanz Sedan That Needs Some Love
Haha, I knew you'd end up with the Byzanz. Looking forward to the updates! :thumbsup:

RND1 Thu, Apr-27-2017 05:02:26 PM

Re: The Byzanz Sedan That Needs Some Love
It's been a while since one of your restoration threads - looking forward to following along on your progress. What about a low-budget manual swap (oxymoron)? Looks good with the Contours.

haus Thu, Apr-27-2017 05:12:49 PM

Re: The Byzanz Sedan That Needs Some Love
Congrats again! You'll have fun fixing every little thing on that car, even if it doesn't warrant the best parts. It'll be great to see it get some TLC - looking forward to the progress!

The color continues to fascinate me. I think I don't like it, and then I look at it again and suddenly I like it. I have never seen one up close until yesterday and the car looked pretty good while I was following you. Byzanz over black would be a good upgrade IMO, but I know you're not planning cosmetic stuff for now. You'd have to do door panels as well, but if you were going to de-lux it anyway...might as well go all the way off-build-sheet. :)

Have fun with it. Time for a tech day!

cblock Thu, Apr-27-2017 05:16:28 PM

Re: The Byzanz Sedan That Needs Some Love
Congrats! Looking forward to this one!

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egebhardt Thu, Apr-27-2017 05:20:29 PM

Re: The Byzanz Sedan That Needs Some Love
Thanks y'all. I even got a ride in haus' Cosmos in order to ferry the Byzanz and Tacoma around. Clean and fast! Nice car.

MMMGP initially suggested a newer black interior before I even got the car. Then haus confirms with doorcards. You might be right there. It may not be worth maintaining the original factory configuration (build sheet) but finding a full interior would be hard too. Especially since the back seats are fixed. I don't even know how to remove the back cushion yet!

EDIT: After getting the sheep-skin covers off, the driver seat isn't that bad. All I really need in Magma is a fair set of back seats. Magma might work but now I need to find some!

Also, shouldn't my front grill slats be Byzanz too? I know the bumper was replaced once.

frbz Thu, Apr-27-2017 06:11:30 PM

Re: The Byzanz Sedan That Needs Some Love
I see you have a Mark 7 GTI. How do you like it?

propchef Thu, Apr-27-2017 06:56:32 PM

Re: The Byzanz Sedan That Needs Some Love
Congrats OP, I love that color (truly).

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