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nholmes Thu, Oct-26-2017 08:09:05 PM

Brake Booster Discussion
Let's talk OEM ATE brake boosters!

I'm in the middle of trying to replace my aging and slowly failing brake booster in my 1998 E36M.

It looks like BMW no longer carries 34331162965, the brake booster with provisions for the vaccum line and the ABS sensor. I called ATE North America, and they did in fact confirm that they no longer make or offer ATE part 10.6360-1903.4. Real OEM shows it's been supersceded by 34331162963, but this part doesn't have the provisions for the vaccum line and the ABS sensor.

Here's a picture of 34331162965:

Here's a picture of 34331162963:

For posterity's sake, here is the breakdown:

New part numbers

BMW: 34331162963
ATE: 03.7760-3102.4
ATE: 300139
EAN: 4006633101257

Old part numbers

BMW: 34331162965 (prior: 34331160614)
ATE: 10.6360-1903.4
ATE: 300093
EAN: 4006633274654

This might help people searching and trying to cross reference.

How are you guys planning on dealing with this?
Taking the risk of buying used and hoping it lasts?
Sending your OEM unit out to get rebuilt?
Buying a risk Cardone unit from Rockauto and pray that it doesn't fail?
Removed the booster entirely and going with a Wilwood or Tilton MC set-up?

ClutchKickChris Thu, Oct-26-2017 11:54:15 PM

Re: Brake Booster Discussion
Is there any way we can delete the sensor?

nholmes Thu, Oct-26-2017 11:59:40 PM

Re: Brake Booster Discussion
I'm very ignorant to what it does exactly with the ABS system and if it reads on/off, spikes in pressure or a threshold value.

I'm hoping some of the vets around here can chime in and shed some light on this topic.

M_Parallel Fri, Oct-27-2017 01:55:48 AM

Re: Brake Booster Discussion
The later E36's don't use/have the brake pedal travel sensor (for ABS).

I don't recall the US models still having that on such late models.

Both my 1996 328i and 1998 M3 don't have a sensor on the booster, only the vacuum line.

SamGrant951 Fri, Oct-27-2017 02:40:40 AM

Re: Brake Booster Discussion
My 95 M3 has that sensor and I was planning on replacing the booster/master cyl over the winter...strange this is discontinued...and priced so high as is the master cyl ($400-650). Guess I will have them rebuilt and see what happens...

pbonsalb Fri, Oct-27-2017 02:41:17 AM

Re: Brake Booster Discussion
My 99M3 has no wiring connector on the booster.

How do you know the booster is no good? Do they either work or not work or does the pedal feel change?

What about the brake master? How do you tell you need a new one?

SamGrant951 Fri, Oct-27-2017 02:13:43 PM

Re: Brake Booster Discussion
A bad booster will usually result in a hard pedal - plenty of tests out there to confirm its fine.

Thats not my problem but I figured if Im taking it all apart Id replace anything while I am in there, its >20yrs old at this point. All I know is my pedal feel sucks regardless of properly bled calipers, good brake lines, good pads/rotors. Feels like pad knockback and Im having to left foot tap the brake pedal to firm it up before a brake zone...its fine in that case but if you do not pump the pedal the brake pedal basically goes to the floor. Ive never had that issue in any car unless running over rumble strips in my 944 racecar and that would require a pedal tap to bring the pads back up against the rotor. My old M3 had a rock solid brake pedal along with all my other previous BMWs so something is amiss. Im going to do a master cyl, likely booster and replace all the wheel bearings and have the front calipers rebuilt. The rears are brand new. Seems like a semi common issue with Stoptech calipers (knockback) from reading but Im going to try and resolve the issue by throwing some parts at it and see what happens.

nholmes Fri, Oct-27-2017 04:19:48 PM

Re: Brake Booster Discussion
You guys are totally right, the pedal is soft which usually means master cylinder - so I'm going to start there first.

OEM MC is like $415 shipped if you buy direct from Germany or if you trust Centric you can get one for $150.

I was suspecting the booster because it has a lot of slop in it from the factory and mine is really old.

I might just try and get one anyway so I have it as a back-up. These are no longer available. What am I supposed to do? Drill a hole in mine? :)

My car must be a unicorn because it's a 1998 and it has the sensor:

M_Parallel Fri, Oct-27-2017 05:13:05 PM

Re: Brake Booster Discussion
Maybe it was changed? You never know. You get an ABS error when you inplug it?

nholmes Fri, Oct-27-2017 05:14:58 PM

Re: Brake Booster Discussion
I should try that.

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