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tom @ eas Mon, Jul-14-2008 07:50:59 PM

▀▄ eas | e2 aurora 60LED angel eye kit - Official Release
We have seen lots of Angel Eye kits on the market in the past 5 years. Everything from separate lightsources, CCFL tubes, failing inverters and LED kits with gaps and warranty issues with vendors. What happens when you can't find something for your BMW on the market that suits your needs?

You simply design them yourself.

Introducing aurora, an entirely redesigned angel eye kit for your BMW from eas - unlike anything else on the market.

aurora produces a fully uniform look using a 60 LED array, which matches most Xenon maps for an OEM look and are very bright - these can even be seen in daytime. You will immediately know another vehicle with a set after yours are installed. Originally debuted on the 2001 5-series and M5, Angel Eyes became a signature lighting upgrade for all future BMWs. Now you can easily equip your BMW with the same look, but at a much brighter LED light output when finished and without external inverters to short out.

A light-emitting diode, usually called an LED, is a semiconductor diode that emits incoherent narrow-spectrum light when electrically biased in the forward direction of the p-n junction, as in the common LED circuit. This effect is a form of electroluminescence. A LED is usually a small area light source, often with extra optics added to the chip that shapes its radiation pattern. LEDs are often used as small indicator lights on electronic devices and increasingly in higher power applications such as flashlights and area lighting.

aurora angel eyes produce a white light using an array of 60 LEDs spaced evenly apart for a uniform look, giving a slight blue tint, which matches most Xenon maps for an OEM look and are very bright - these can even be seen in daytime. You will immediately know another vehicle with a set after yours are installed.

Gapless LEDs
No "pearl necklace" or "burnt out Christmas light" syndrome like other kits on the market. aurora emits its light from a 60 LED array for a uniform and finished look.

Dual-Stage Ring Clipping mechanisms
For years, angel eye users have been plagued by clips that simply do not fit correctly - we have a solution. Our 2-stage replaceable clips allow secure clipping onto your headlight housings without the need for "spacing" or guessing alignment, especially for those with adaptive headlamps. Simply clip into place and rest assured your rings will be sure without the need for gluing or falling off from road vibration or adaptive headlight movement.

If clips are ever broken, replacements are available without replacing an entire kit.

OEM Look
aurora halos feature a sleeved highly polished ring around the circuit board, giving a thicker more OEM look when on or off. Since LEDs are directional, there is no "bleedoff" in light direction allowing for maximum light output facing forward.

A Heavy duty wiring harness is included to make installation quick and painless, while adding safety to your install. No light boxes or lamp sources are used unlike older kits. Installation takes about 1 hour and will be one of the favorite mods on your BMW.

Brightest angel eye rings on the market
aurora angel eyes can be seen from well over 150 feet away in pure daylight - they are BRIGHT. Using high-powered LED technology, these are the brightest on the market. With a highly polished ring engineered to emulate the OEM ring when not lit, these will look as if your BMW were equipped with Angel Eyes from factory. Kits are engineered using high quality components and are rated at over 100,000 hours or 10 years of continuous illumination.

Remote feature
aurora angel eyes feature a remote feature that will automatically dim the rings when you enter or leave the vehicle. Unlocking the vehicle will emit a "fade in" and will fade out when the vehicle is locked or if left dormant for over 15 minutes to prevent battery drainage.

LIFETIME Guarantee
There's nothing worse than having a kit that will not work, for those that have purchased other kits elsewhere and have dealt with frustrating return processed or no warranty at all, we feel your pain. eas backs up all aurora angel eye kits with a limited lifetime warranty, making this the first and last set you will purchase for your BMW. if you should ever experience a problem with your kit, we will be there to help.

- OEM like modern look, simply the brightest kit on the market
- 60 high powered LED array for maximum brightness, withstanding shocks, vibrations, frequent switching and extreme temperatures
- CAD designed polycarbonate ring with UV protection and additional clearance for all headlight housings
- No dangerous light boxes or heat fixtures to mount, keeping safety and cleanliness underneath your hood
- No "cold weather" start problems
- Instant transformation to appearance of vehicle after installation
- 100,000+ hour life (over ten years)
- Easy installation
- Compatible with Halogen, Xenon, Auto Leveling and Adaptive Lights
- Limited lifetime warranty

Kit Contents
- 4 Highly polished LED Halos
- 1 Heavy duty wiring harness, with remote feature
- Backed by eas Lifetime warranty
- Detailed instructions

Models Supported:
1999-2003 e46 3-series Coupe (pre-facelift, non-sealed lamps)
1999-2005 e46 3-series Sedan
2000-2006 e46 M3 Coupe/Convertible
e2 - aurora 60 LED Angel Eye Kit - e46 3-series, including M3

Thanks for looking, all weekend orders have already shipped out.

tom @ eas Mon, Jul-14-2008 07:51:50 PM

aurora 60LED angel eye kit - videos and pictures
Installed on a 2003 M3:

Here are some short videos of the kit in action showing the remote feature:

These are engineered to simply be the best and brightest Angel Eye kit on the market. Those in the Orange County area are welcome to come by to see or pick up a kit in person.

tom @ eas Mon, Jul-14-2008 07:54:01 PM

We have created a Showroom thread here for aurora, those that have already installed their kits are welcome to participate and upload your photos:

▀▄ eas - e2 aurora 60LED Showroom Thread

tom @ eas Wed, Jul-16-2008 08:14:29 PM

e46 DEPO Projector Headlamp Set equipped with aurora
Here's the first of the DEPO Projector housings (commonly called P46s) with aurora:

With lens/shroud removed

With lens removed only

e46 DEPO Projector Headlamp Set equipped with aurora are already shipping.

tom @ eas Wed, Jul-16-2008 11:36:01 PM

All Wednesday orders shipped - thanks guys, tracking numbers in email.

tom @ eas Mon, Jul-21-2008 07:03:41 PM

Another e46 M3 install:

tom @ eas Mon, Jul-21-2008 07:04:41 PM

Another M3 install, night shots:

All weekend orders are being prepped and shipping this afternoon. :thumbsup2:

tom @ eas Wed, Jul-23-2008 05:20:24 PM


Originally Posted by Igrok (Post 3173057)
Great results:

llChopsticksll Wed, Jul-23-2008 06:34:19 PM

Looks great will be placing my order today.

tom @ eas Wed, Jul-23-2008 07:45:57 PM

More aurora on TiAg M3:

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