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csburdick Thu, May-20-2010 04:38:45 PM

2010 E93 M3 Review
Hey everyone, we just ran a review on the 2010 E93 and wanted to get an idea of what the enthusiast community thinks about it:

2010 BMW M3 Convertible Review

Wayward Thu, May-20-2010 08:03:32 PM

not bad, but pretty much a standard review. Didn't get that much into the actual driving experience, would have been nice to compare this to the coupe.

csburdick Thu, May-20-2010 08:08:23 PM


Originally Posted by Wayward///M (Post 4733204)
not bad, but pretty much a standard review. Didn't get that much into the actual driving experience, would have been nice to compare this to the coupe.

Yeah, I could have talked about it for pages, but I try to keep these relatively short. It's just a matter of trying to choose what would be the most useful for someone looking to buy a car. Thanks!

BigHat Fri, May-21-2010 01:32:13 PM

Thanks for posting. While it was pretty typical, it's always good to see what people are writing. Pretty strong endorsement for the M3 and, with caveats, the E93.

csburdick Fri, May-21-2010 05:05:59 PM

Thanks for your feedback guys, I appreciate it. How would you make it less typical? I know what you mean though - nothing you haven't heard, nothing special, but I'd like your opinions on how to make it more interesting.

BigHat Fri, May-21-2010 07:31:11 PM

When I first read it I failed to understand that it was your work. Sorry about that. I've reread it a couple of times now and think you really did an VERY creditable job here. I see no errors of commission or omission.
Those of us that own them are hard to surprise and it's difficult to think what newbies would like that's missing. You compare the E92 and E93 as well as other cars. You also hit a spectrum of performance and luxury aspects.

Here are a couple of things to consider:

1. Many readers of car articles without an evolving experience with BMW may wonder if the iDrive system is still problematic. You do a nice job discussing the NAV and NAV display, but I'd think most would agree the hard drive based system is much faster too. Additionally, the customizable buttons to a direct phone number, radio station etc might be interesting. Direct access buttons to iDrive functions and the fact that simple climate control switch are back where they belong is a huge plus too. iDrive is a 500% better in this car than my '07 650.

2. Have you thought about a point contrasting DCT to SMG-II? That's always interesting. The D mode on DCT is actually a livable "auto" mode for heavy traffic, non-stick drivers, etc where as the SMG-II never was. Don't want to spark a 6-speed vs DCT argument and I accept your "druthers" toward the manual, but there are a couple of issues that may sway others.

I think this is great though and well-written

csburdick Fri, May-21-2010 08:04:59 PM

Thanks BigHat, great recommendations. The new iDrive was definitely something I wanted to touch on, but didn't get around to it in this one. In retrospect, I wish I would have since it really is a significant improvement.

Not having much experience with previous BMWs, it's difficult to make comparisons about much between years except for big-name things like the iDrive, so it's really helpful to hear what you guys here have to say.

Thanks again!

Wayward Fri, May-21-2010 08:12:38 PM

agree with BigHat

Talk about the transmission, iDrive, tips, unknowns, things you found annoying things that you enjoyed, things that were better in the E46 or are better in the E9x. Talk about wind noise, road noise, different settings in DCT and EDC etc, seriously the more the better.

I never had iDrive I just knew this one was light years better than the old one. Really interesting to know about it.

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